June Goals 2017

Can someone please tell me how we got to the middle of the freakin’ year?

Everyone told me that time was going to speed up when I had a child, but I wasn’t prepared for time to go this fast! Seriously. I’m writing this as I watch my (almost!) four month old son play and I feel like I have to pinch myself. Like, this cannot be my real life, right?

I saw a meme the other day, and it was of Kris Jenner drinking a lot of alcohol. The caption was ‘When you realise it’s already June and you haven’t done anything in 2017’. I have never felt such a strong connection to a meme/video before. You need to see it. My friends say, “Oh, but you had a baby!” Whereas, I personally don’t think that counts.

I was basically incapacitated during my pregnancy, so I didn’t achieve a hell of a lot in 2016 either. (You know, if you call working two jobs, finishing a degree, moving, and dealing with a tonne of emergency hospital trips nothing. And being top of one of my classes, because I know my mother will kick my ass if I don’t mention it.) So yeah, I didn’t do a lot in 2016. As you can tell.

Now we’re in the middle of 2017 and I’m really wondering what I’ve achieved this year. I want to change that, so I’m bringing back my ‘goals of the month’ section. You know, so I can hold myself accountable to someone. Even if it’s just one person. That’ll be good enough for me.

So, here goes nothing.

June Goals, Little Misadventures

ONE: Drink more water. Specifically 1.5 litres more water.

TWO: Read four books.

THREE: Get out of the house every day. It is very easy to sit on your ass when you have a young baby. Especially when said young baby is sick, but I’ve realised that is very, very bad for my mental health. I actually turn into a bit of a bitch. Whoops.

FOUR: Make ‘tummy time’ a priority. We do modified versions of tummy time, but I’m talking about the ‘legit’ baby-on-the-ground version. Caelen has a slightly flat noggin, so I am battling to reverse it.

FIVE: Write and publish three posts a week. I have so many ideas. It’s just a matter of making this blog a priority again.

SIX: Cook once a week. I keep saying that my ‘signature dish’ is going to be a toasted sandwich by the time I leave home again. It wouldn’t be terrible, but I figured I should learn how to cook ‘grown up’ food. You know, something that requires more than just mixing a few things together.

What are your goals for June?



16 thoughts on “June Goals 2017

  1. Getting out is a goal for anyone who works in an office. Office life can be sedentary and there’s all these health risks associated with it. I think going outside is beneficial for all lifesyles 😀.


  2. I agree, how is it already June?! Love this post- it’s always good to set goals for ourselves 🙂 Drinking more water is ALWAYS one of my goals too.

    Hope you have a great week!



  3. I think monthly goals are a great idea. One of mine is definitely get out of the house more. I need to talk to some adult people and just have a change of scenery. I also plan to start setting monthly business and personal goals.


  4. I just joined the new mom group! New little man is already two weeks old and I feel like 90% of my waking hours the past two weeks have been snuggle time. Not that I am complaining, but I am starting to think about how to get back into a routine. It is hard! Goals for this month? Drink more water. Start cooking and baking again. Write and schedule out at least 8 blog posts!


  5. You totally got this. And if you’re anything like me, drinking more water is literally a goal every month. It can be hard with so many other delicious drinks around! 🙂


  6. Haha love that meme! I don’t know where the time went either – or if I’ve accomplished anything yet this year. Sounds like some good goals though, you can do it! I also need to drink more water…starting right now.


  7. I hope you’ll be posting more about Calen too. I’m not sure if you’d want to talk about him (or show pictures on your blog) but it’ll be nice to read more about it. 🙂


  8. That’s great, good luck! I don’t have monthly goals, but have a list of 52 goals that I try to knock off over the course of the year; “52 in 52”.

    I’m not doing too shabby this year, but I’m due to give birth in October for the first time so better do what I can, while I can! I already had to revise them once since there’s some things I definitely wouldn’t be able to do now that I’m pregnant. You can see them here: http://kelsbells.id.au/52-in-52/52-52-2017-revised-edition


  9. I totally agree with your goals! Although I do not have a baby it’s easy to just be on the computer all the time instead of breathing the fresh air outside, let’s do this.


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