Twenty Seven & Twenty Eight Weeks Pregnant

 28th November 2016 & 5th December 2016

(I have made an executive decision to combine these updates simply because I am taking too long to finish writing these.) 

wish I could say that I had a relatively relaxed week, but that is not the case. Cue super stressed and emotional self.

After my trip to Auckland, I ended up back in Hamilton for another appointment.

I met with my mother and we drove to the city. I had my legs in the air for all of ten minutes and it was over. It was relatively painless. Thank goodness. Afterward, we headed back to Kuaotunu because I had another appointment. This time it was a gestational diabetes test. The doctors were convinced that my son was “too big”, so they wanted me to rule out any problems that could be going on.

Well, I passed!

Bring on the sugar!

I had another doctor’s appointment, too. It seems my life is just a stream of hospitals, doctors, midwives and needles. It is insane. This time it was an appointment to talk about injections. Specifically, whether or not I was going to get the whooping cough jab while I was pregnant.

I am, of course.

I’m not scared of one little needle.

Am I?

This week was a clusterfu*k.

To put it mildly.

It started off fine. I went to see my midwife and we talked about general things: baby’s health, my health, I heard the heartbeat and it was all dandy. Standard appointment and standard things. So far, so boring, which was quite a nice change of pace. We also talked about what to expect from my upcoming growth scan at Waikato Hospital. Due to my constant bleeding, I was being monitored incredibly closely by the hospital. It is good, but it makes me feel a little paranoid.

I mean, they wouldn’t be monitoring me for no reason, right?

I went up to Auckland for a bit of a break and to do some errands.

I thought it would be simple and a nice, relaxing time.

Oh, how wrong I was.

I was driving on the motorway when I noticed that there was steam coming through my vents. It smelt pretty bad, so I freaked out. It started out with only a small stream, but it was pouring out by the time I was able to pull over and stop on the side of the motorway. In rush hour traffic.

A pregnant woman with a broken car on the side of the road. In rush hour. A woman who has little to none bladder control. Let that sink in for a minute.

(No, I did not pee myself on the side of an Auckland motorway. I did come very close though.)

I called my step father and panicked before calling someone to come tow my car. I got it towed to my friend’s house and we went out for dinner. She drove us in her car. We went to Mexico and stuffed our faces with fried chicken. It was glorious.

Several people told me things to check and if it looked a certain way then it would okay. I did that. It seemed fine.

The next day, I drove my car and it took five minutes before I saw that it was overheating. Fast forward, and you would have seen a very hot, very hungry, and very tired pregnant woman stranded in the parking lot of a supermarket. For four hours.

My car got towed. Again. My aunt came to get me and I went on a very hair-raising drive back to Kuaotunu. Almost ran a red light then stopped dead at a green light type of hair-raising. Needless to say, my aunt is not an Auckland driver and I was very glad to see the driveway to my house.

My little sister turned twenty-one! I guess she isn’t so little any more. She had her party on the 10th and it was amazing. There was a mini marquee set up on the lawn and there was a pizza making station, complete with a pizza oven. I forget how much pizza I ate that night, but it was definitely more than my fair share. It was great. The little nugget enjoyed it. I swear he didn’t stop kicking me the whole night. He was having his own little party too.

My sister had the coolest unicorn cake. It was made by our friend who is doing a patisserie course in Auckland. I had no idea what to expect, but it was beautiful. I might have been a little jealous about how beautiful it was. Imagine the best cake you have ever seen and then double your expectations. It was a beautiful white unicorn with a mane that was actually colourful flowers. It was also covered in sparkles. I mean, what more could you ask for?

Cake Made By Teagan

Seriously, how cool is that?

I didn’t last long after the speeches. My poor little pregnant self couldn’t stand the constant kicking or the ‘late’ hour. I think it was 10pm. Turns out that is my new bed time. Oh well. I went to bed and snuggled down to watch some serious TV. I am such a party animal.

I went to my antenatal classes this week. After much delaying. I knew I was trying to put it off for a reason. The person running the class was nice enough, as were the people taking the class, but I just felt awkward. I did not like it. At all. I learned a handful of things, but I don’t think it was worth how awkward I felt the whole time. I think part of it had to do with the fact that I was so damn tired. I simply did not have the energy to deal with couples who were happy-happy-joy-joy all the time. I did not want to get up and try bounce balloons around or partake in the activities. I just wanted to sit and listen. That, however, was not something I got to do. I ended up saying that I was tired (true) and felt sick (also true) so I thought it would be best if I went home. I think I lasted four hours.

Oh well. I tried.

At least I stuck around for the cake 😉




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