An Ode to Valentine’s Day

Am I the only one who has noticed the Valentine’s Day rollout?

It is everywhere.

It’s on the tip of everyone’s tongues. It’s online. It’s in store. It’s on Twitter, Instagram, and bloggers are rolling out all the Valentine’s Day ‘specials’ and what gifts you should be buying and how to have the ‘perfect’ date.

It is everywhere for weeks and days before Valentine’s Day.


No. I can honestly say that I am not.

An Ode to Valentine's Day, Kendel @ Little Misadventures #NZbloggers

Once upon a time, I asked a guy to be my boyfriend. On Valentine’s Day. I was twelve years old. Even then I wasn’t afraid of going for what I wanted. He said yes and we continued to be the awkward twelve-year olds who thought that holding hands was the peak of a relationship. I knew him from primary school and I was going through a ‘ginger phase’. We lasted two and a half months. I dumped him the day after my thirteenth birthday because I was just as ruthless as I am now.

A lot of years passed by and I became known as the perpetually single one or the girl who had little emotion. Ever.

Some guys saw me as the perfect girl because I was ‘pretty much a dude, but with boobs’. Some guys saw me as a challenge. I think some of my friends saw me as a weird version of a praying mantis because we all know the female rips the male to pieces after having sex with him. In other words: I would have my fun for the night, the week or a few months then I’d get bored and poof. I’d be gone. Or I would find a way to sabotage the situation and poof, still gone.

Then one morning I woke up to a flower on my pillow and a guy in my bed. On Valentine’s Day. There wasn’t a huge production. I was given a kiss on the head and a cup of coffee and he was out the door to go to work.

That’s what I love about dating and love. It doesn’t have to be a huge production. In fact, I prefer if it isn’t such a huge production. I’m more of a pizza and chill sort of girl, which is exactly what happened. He came back from work, and we got pizza then went to the beach. How’s that for romance?

We sat on the beach whilst eating the best pizza of my life. We forgot that we were supposed to be ‘adults’ and chased each other across the sand and played on the swings.

It was silly and it was perfect.

More years passed.

Valentine’s Day became just another day again.

Because that’s what it is. Just another day.

Single? Take yourself out on a date. Go buy a pizza, build a fort, and spend the night with Netflix. (Which may or may not be my plan.) Alternate plan: Gather all your single friends and have a booze filled night. It doesn’t matter that Valentine’s Day happens to be a Tuesday. Tuesday is a perfect night for boozing, right?

In a relationship? Go buy a pizza and sit on a beach or in a park or eat some pizza in a fancy restaurant. Go for a walk and just be together.

Casually sleeping with someone? Order pizza and eat it off his half-naked body.

The last idea is hard to do whilst being sexy. Don’t try to be sexy. Just enjoy the fact that you’re eating pizza whilst perving on a hot, half-naked man.

This year, I’m single again.

And you know what?

I couldn’t care less.

It’s just another day.

That being said, Valentine’s Day would be a great birthday, don’t you think? Hint, hint, child of mine. Any day now would be perfectly okay by me.


5 thoughts on “An Ode to Valentine’s Day

  1. Loooooooove this!!! Valentine’s Day is just another day to me but dating someone adds that little sprinkle to the day and it’s just like… okaaay, so we’re dating so I’d get a gift and have dinner with you. But even if I wasn’t in a relationship, Valentine’s is literally just another day.

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  2. Girrrrlll, you hit this on the spot. For many years, I’ve been known as being single on Vday. The past few years, I decided to celebrate my friendship with those I really love and hence, Galentine’s was something I looked forward to. But all in all, yes, it’s just another day and it’s up to us to make every day special!


    Berniedette |


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