Sixteen Weeks Pregnant

12th September 2016

Well, this is a stark contrast to being fifteen weeks pregnant.

Whoever said the second trimester is ‘smooth sailing’ is a liar.

In certain respects, the second trimester is brilliant. There are some days that I forget I’m actually pregnant. If it wasn’t for the constant kicking and this growing belly, I wouldn’t believe that anything has changed. The only real symptoms I have is being tired all the time and those tiny baby kicks.

This week was the most dramatic yet. If you exclude the finding out that I’m pregnant part.

I was going about my day, doing housework and the like, when I felt one tiny, sharp stab of pain. I didn’t really think much of it. I was getting round ligament pain all the time, so I just put it down to that. A couple of minutes later, I had the ‘I should just make sure’ thought, and I went to the bathroom.

What I saw absolutely terrified me.


A significant amount of blood.

No pregnant woman (especially one who is sixteen weeks pregnant) wants to look down and see blood. Ever. I instantly went into panic mode.

I went to my mother and I believe my words were: “Okay, don’t freak out but…” before I launched into the description of what I just saw.

The look on her face said it all. We called my midwife and ended up hightailing it into town so we could do some monitoring on the baby. The bleeding was on and off, but I wasn’t contracting or in pain, so that was a good sign. Baby had a strong heartbeat and was kicking away, so we got sent home for the night.

The next day, I got a call from my midwife reminding me that I was Rh-negative and I needed to have an anti-D shot. Road trip! We packed ourselves into the car and drove to Waikato Hospital so I could get the necessary shot.

Five hours (and a sore bum) later, I was sitting in the emergency department waiting to see if I had a reaction to the shot or not. I didn’t and I was sent on my way, with a stack of pamphlets about the anti-D injection and what it meant if I was to have another bleed.

The rest of the week seemed relatively uneventful after that.

The hospital said that it was ‘unusual’ for me to have bleeding so late in the pregnancy, but they were convinced it was a one-off. I was cleared to do my normal activities and resume my life as if it never happened. I, however, was a paranoid wreck for the rest of the week and I put myself on bed rest. It was boring, but necessary and I really needed to sleep.


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