Eleven Weeks Pregnant

8th August 2016

Happy almost second trimester to us!

I swear, I have been waiting for this day for, well, weeks. Some days I felt like this day was never going to come. Now I can let out a sigh of relief. The one thing they didn’t tell me about pregnancy was the levels of anxiety and stress that accompanied it. I feel like I was constantly stressing about what to eat, if I was drinking enough, if I was sleeping enough, if everything was okay in there. I swear, I have never been such a paranoid worrywart in my whole life.

However, a lot of my worry did disappear after seeing the wee babe last week. A month between scans doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is when your symptoms are minimal. I swear, I had days when I forgot that I was pregnant. It wouldn’t be until my mother or someone made a comment to me and I’d be like oh yeah! Whoops, sorry baby.

Not a lot happened during week thirteen. I went to the doctor to have my blood drawn for the combined screening. It was a nightmare…and it was basically my fault. Who knew that being slightly dehydrated turned your veins into dusty, nasty things? Whoops. They wanted me to go home and try another day but I said no because it was the final day for this test to be ‘valid’ (meaning: you’re supposed to have both the blood work and ultrasound done before fourteen weeks). I was really pushing it. I think it took them two or three tries (and a cup of water and a heating pad later) to finally manage to get some blood for this test.

My mother and I were also planning a trip to Dunedin and Wellington, so a lot of decision-making was happening this week. You know, mundane things like: where do we want to go, what do we want to see, where are we staying? Adult things. Because apparently having a baby automatically makes me go from ‘adult student’ to ‘adultier adult’. Who knew?

I’m also officially on semester break! Hooray! I study online, so it feels like I’m on a permanent holiday. It is nice to know that I’m not missing out on any work and I actually have time to catch up on the things I have missed…or, you know, actually have two weeks off so I can reset my brain. I didn’t know how draining it would be to work, study and blog all online, but it is hard. So hard. Some days it feels like all I do is stare at my laptop.

University is on break, the wee babe is healthy and I’m going to the South Island! What could be better?



5 thoughts on “Eleven Weeks Pregnant

  1. I remember feeling all that anxiety with my first as well. People will keep telling you not to stress out so much but it’s easier said than done! I just did my best to take care of myself and reduce any stress I could and that’s really all you can do. Deep yoga breaths help too!


    1. Way easier said than done! I definitely liked the ultrasounds though. They were a bit of extra reassurance, but now they’re over! I had my last one (or expected last one) a couple of days ago and it made me sad. I want to see him (shhh, I haven’t announced it yet) every day! I am going to try yoga. Maybe. Haha. I don’t have a lot of patience, but maybe I’ll be able to learn!


      1. Yoga is definitely worth a try if you haven’t. It’s helped my life in so many ways. And you will be learning LOTS of patience after your little bundle of joy arrives. 🙂


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