Tiny Baby Kicks

It finally happened! I have felt tiny baby kicks and movement in the last couple of days.

I was lying on the couch when I felt bubbles in my stomach. It made me freeze and stare at my stomach in incredulity. Was that gas or was my baby moving? It didn’t feel like gas, but I didn’t know what baby kicks and movement felt like either. I started playing a little game of gas vs. baby until I could be absolutely sure of what was going on.

The game lasted five minutes until I felt a flurry of movement. After a quick consult with Google, I was absolutely certain that it could have been nothing but a baby. Holy crap, I was feeling tiny baby kicks! I was feeling my baby move. It was amazing. It was weird. It was…beyond words.

This was the third ‘awww’ moment I’ve had during this pregnancy.


The first was seeing my baby wriggling around and waving for me at the thirteen week ultrasound. The changes from the first proper ultrasound and this one was astonishing. It’s amazing what a few weeks can do. Pregnancy definitely isn’t a bundle of laughs or rosy by any means, but seeing the changes week by week definitely makes it worth it.


The second ‘awww’ moment was being able to hear the baby’s heart beat for the first time. I got to see it on the screen during my ultrasounds, but there’s nothing quite like hearing it. There is something reassuring by the little thump-thump-thump you hear when it’s picked up on the doppler. The first time it was 164, the second 157, and the latest was 153. It’s slowing down, but definitely proves that I have one active and healthy baby. Phew.

The final ‘awww’ moment was feeling the baby move. I was fifteen weeks pregnant and I wasn’t feeling pregnant. I’m a part of a pregnancy group on Facebook and people had started to announce they were feeling movements. I have to admit that I was jealous. I actually complained to my mum that very morning that it wasn’t fair. Little did I know that I would be feeling movements less than twelve hours later. It felt like little bubbles bursting in my stomach, right below my belly button. I continued to feel the tiny baby kicks throughout the night and the next day.

It couldn’t have happened at a better time.

It’s a little known fact that my ex had been planning a trip to England when we first met. Well, he got on a plane three days ago. Before you all get up in arms, I told him to go, too. I don’t hate him. I don’t resent him. In fact, I have a lot of respect for him and I am still grateful for everything he did for me.

That first night was hard. Knowing that he was actually gone was hard.

Those tiny baby kicks made it just a little better. Those tiny little bubbles were reassuring. They were comforting. They were letting me know that I wasn’t alone.

And that everything was going to be okay.


17 thoughts on “Tiny Baby Kicks

  1. Aw this post has made me smile. How lovely! Must be so surreal having s tiny human inside you and feeling then move, amazing!!

    I feel you on the ex leaving for another country thing, I split with mine last year for the same reason and when he got on the plane in January I cried my eyes out. Just knowing that he was gone was such an odd feeling, it’s difficult to explain because even though you’re happy for them or you’ve moved on its still so strange knowing that they’re gone. I’m so glad you had this happy little moment to cheer you up… It’s like he/she knew you needed a pick me up 😉

    Loving all your pregnancy posts!! Xx


    1. It is the weirdest feeling ever! Sometimes I actually forget that I’m pregnant and then I get a giant kick to my insides haha. Nice little reminder.

      It absolutely sucked when he got on the plane. I know what you mean about it being ‘odd’ too! I mean, I was the one who wanted him to go more than anything, but knowing that he really did go was like oh, okay. He (my son – I can actually say that now!) definitely knew that I needed a little bit of happiness.

      Thank you love!


  2. Oh, I just love this. Being pregnant was the best, most amazing experience of my life. I would be pregnant al the time, if I could…minus the morning sickness! You are so right about those “tiny baby kicks” bring reassuring, even during times of stress. Best wishes to you and baby.


  3. This is so lovely! I wish I had started blogging a the beginning of my pregnancy but it’s hard to think of anything else when you feel perpetually nauseous! Those initial little kicks are so amazing and one thing I want to say to you is to make the most of the lovely little kicks before they are massive boots in the ribs keeping you awake at night or punches to the bladder making you rush to the loo at the last second! Keep those pelvic floor exercises going lovely! x


    1. I wish I had started writing from the beginning too! I only started writing these a few weeks ago, so I’m struggling to remember everything! Yes, I’m enjoying the little ones because they’ve definitely been getting stronger over the last few days! Haha. One actually made me wake up the other night! I think my pelvic floor muscles are a lost cause. Hahaha.

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