7 Early Pregnancy Symptoms to Look out For

I thought I would start my pregnancy diaries with how I knew I was pregnant. Was I absolutely clueless or did I have a gut feeling? I’m answering those questions today!

I found out that I was pregnant on 18th June at 8pm.

That’s just when I got the confirmation of what I already knew.

I had a feeling that I was pregnant for five days before I bit the bullet and got a pregnancy test.

The first question I got asked after the shock had left everyone’s system was: “How did you know you were pregnant?” 

I would like to pretend that I looked into a mystical orb and saw the future or asked the Magic 8 Ball a question. It is nothing as interesting or magical as that. As it turns out, I am just highly in tune with my body.

I had been on and off the pill for six years before I fell pregnant. I knew that it wasn’t symptoms of an oncoming period or just a weird reaction from the pill. I knew I was pregnant because 1) I was terrified of being pregnant, so I was on the lookout for symptoms, and 2) Because, like I said, I am just highly in tune with my body.

My pregnancy is the complete opposite to my friend’s pregnancy. She didn’t find out that she was pregnant until she was at the end of the first trimester or maybe the start of the second. I found that insane when she told me, but now I just think that she was god damn lucky. Pregnancy symptoms in the first trimester can be different with every person and every pregnancy. I get it. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t a little bit jealous. I was five weeks pregnant when the two lines showed up, so it goes to show that pregnancy symptoms can show up at any time.

How I knew I was pregnant, Kendel @ Little Misadventures #NZbloggers

My boobs hurt

This wasn’t just a tingling sort of weird feeling. This was a ‘touch my boobs and I will punch you in the face’ sort of pain. Everyone says that you can get sore boobs before you get your period. Well, I don’t get sore boobs. Ever. I thought it would go away after a day or two, so I forgot about it…for a little while. Day three rolled around and I found myself grabbing my boobs to see if they were still sore.

Coffee tasted (and smelled) bad

I was a coffee addict before I fell pregnant. I would never, ever turn down a coffee. In fact, I was drinking three (or more) coffees a day before I found out that I was pregnant. My old co-worker said that she had a coffee and thought it tasted bad. Apparently that was right before she found out that she was pregnant. I didn’t think much of it until my own coffee started tasting bad. Alarm bells really started going off when I suddenly couldn’t stand the smell of coffee, too.

My face was breaking out

I am 22, so I do get the odd pimple here and there. However, this was a lot and they were everywhere. I tried all my tricks, but they just kept coming.

I felt sick and permanently hungover…all the time

Morning sickness can hit before six weeks. I’m speaking from experience. I never threw up, but I would feel sick as a dog from the time I woke up until 3pm. I thought I caught a stomach bug…until I didn’t get better or worse. Couple that with headaches and tiredness, and you have a recipe for one cranky woman.

My hand would sit on my stomach

I didn’t even know I was doing it. I would be walking around and I would find that my hand would rest on my lower stomach. A lot of people thought it was part of my ‘stomach bug’, but it just freaked me out. Was I pregnant? Was I crazy? What was going on?

I suddenly hated my favourite foods

It was like a switch flipped in my brain and I absolutely could not stand my favourite food. I had to say goodbye to chicken, bananas, quiche, and date scones for a few months. I actually remember eating a date scone and almost throwing up…on the day I found out I was pregnant. That was probably the tipping point and I just knew that I was pregnant.

I would become tired quickly

I found it hard to get out of bed in the morning and I would find it far too easy to get into bed at night. There were a couple of times that I fell asleep on the couch too. I would come home from work and I would be absolutely wiped out. Sleep became my best friend.

…And that is how I knew I was pregnant!

I’m now 15 weeks and 6 days pregnant. The only symptom I have is exhaustion…and a little belly. I don’t have a bump yet. It just looks like I have eaten one too many pies. That being said, I am so, so tired. All the time. People talk about getting a burst of energy when they hit the second trimester. Well, I call bullshit. (So far). I still nap every day. If I wasn’t tired, then I wouldn’t know that I’m pregnant.

Pregnancy is great, but it can also kick your ass.


9 thoughts on “7 Early Pregnancy Symptoms to Look out For

    1. I was so gutted about the coffee and no date scone thing 😦 I was so attached to them haha. I’ve had coffee once since I’ve found out, but I’ve been too scared to eat date scones again 😦 God, I don’t think I could live without sushi! No deal. My boobs were only sore for a month or so and then they got a lot better 🙂 They just ITCH now. So bad. So does my belly. Yay, pregnancy. Such a magical time 😉


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