Taking Stock #062

Taking Stock, Kendel @ Little Misadventures #NZbloggers

Making :: I’m making and planning something super secret 😉 Hopefully I’ll be able to tell you in a month or so.

Drinking :: Hot chocolate. I suddenly can’t stand coffee, so I’ve changed my drinking habits. Hot chocolate is just so, so good. Don’t you agree?

Reading :: I’ve been trying to catch up on blog posts but I seem to be chasing my tail. I currently have 822 unread posts and, not gonna lie, I’m pretty tempted to press the ‘mark all as read’ button.

Eating :: Custard. I cannot get enough of the stuff at the moment! So, so delicious.

Wishing :: I wish that I have finished college already. I am so, so ready to have my degree and be done with the student life. Ah, one semester to go!

Enjoying :: The fact that today is Sunday! Sunday is the best day of the week. I love it.

Waiting :: Until I can eat today. I love food. Too much. It seems like my life revolves around food and sleep at the moment. I’m not hating it.

Wondering :: I’m wondering what I’m going to do at the end of the year. I finish college and finally get my communication degree this year, which is exciting and terrifying. Who knows what I’m going to do after that? The world is my oyster and all 😉

Hoping :: I’m hoping that I won’t have more car issues. This year, we’ve had to replace the starter motor, battery, transmission and four tyres. I had to replace two of those four today. I went to drive my car yesterday and discovered that they were flat. We took them to the shop and discovered there were nails from a nail gun embedded in the tyre wall. Annoying? Yes. Undoubtedly, yes.

Wearing :: Leggings and a baggy jumper. Standard weekend wardrobe 😉

Trying :: I’m trying to get motivated to start some of my college readings. I have a lot to get through this semester, so I’m planning on getting a head start. The secret nerd in me is loving this.

Feeling :: Like I need a nap.


3 thoughts on “Taking Stock #062

  1. ……..Wait a minute. You’re sick of coffee??? Has the world ended? Omg! I never thought I’d see the day! Haha I gave up coffee for nearly a year, but recently started drinking it a little bit again (because sleep deprivation) and I’m loving it! But, hot chocolate is a very close second favorite! So happy to see you’re doing well! 🙂


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