7 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Season Ever

I love winter. There. I said it. I honestly think winter is the best season. I’m a person who loves the colder months. I love snuggling down in bed with a million blankets and a hot chocolate. I’m the weirdo who loves the colder months. I’ve always joked that I’m cold-blooded, which is why I love autumn and winter so much.

So, here I am, trying to convince you that winter is the best season ever.

Winter is the BEST season, Kendel @ Little Misadventures #NZblogger

Snuggly clothing

You get to layer all the clothes you want. Who wouldn’t love that? I don’t know about you, but I am oddly happy when I get in the biggest jumper I own. I feel so warm and safe and just snuggly. You can’t do that in summer! If you really felt like it, you could lay around in a onesie all day. definitely wouldn’t judge you for it.

Rain and thunderstorms

love the sound of rain on the roof. It is the best sound in the whole world. Nothing can soothe me quicker than an absolute downpour of rain. I also love thunderstorms. Once, I sat up for hours just watching one. It was beautiful.

Hot chocolate

I’m on a real hot chocolate kick at the moment. Everyone knows that nothing goes hand in hand quite like winter and hot chocolate. In fact, I think hot chocolate is what makes winter one of the best seasons ever. Everyone also knows that hot chocolate isn’t complete without marshmallows. You have to pile those on to make it a real hot chocolate. If you feel like hot chocolate is ‘too childish’ for you, then spike it with some alcohol.


I’m not usually a snuggly person, but I love snuggling during winter. It’s glorious…for the first half hour. After a half hour, I get too hot and feel like a pile of sweaty mush. I don’t know about you, but I don’t find that attractive.

Hot water bottles and extra blankets

In contrast, I love being able to add extra blankets and hot water bottles to my bed. It makes it a glorious, warm floaty cloud. There’s something beautiful about climbing into a warm bed when it’s absolutely freezing. You can’t do that in summer. Winter, on the other hand, is perfect for snuggling in bed. Seriously. Have I convinced you yet? Winter is the best season. Ever.

Comfort food

Pasta. Need I say more? You can eat all the pasta you want and then hide the ‘winter coat’ with your extra layers of clothes 😉 Total non-problem is solved.

Breakfast in bed becomes an everyday occurrence

I’m a student at university, so my schedule is pretty flexible. By that, I mean that I can eat breakfast in bed every day of the week if I wanted to do so. I study online (mostly), so I have all the time in the world. Lately, my breakfast has been bagels with cream cheese, sweet chili sauce, and chicken. It has been perfect. There’s nothing like running downstairs to make food and then taking it back into the perfectly warm and snuggly bed. It might only get better if there was someone to make breakfast for me 😉

Tell me…

  • What is your favourite season of the year?
  • Why is it so brilliant?
  • What is the perfect breakfast?

18 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Season Ever

  1. As a knitter you had me at snuggly clothing. But rain, and then hot chocolate with marshmallows sealed the deal! I also love that the weeds in the garden stop growing, that I can wear my fluffy socks, and no one notices if you didn’t brush your hair in the morning because the wind messed theirs up too!


  2. I love winter season tooo. Like how the snowflakes fall from the sky oh so beautifully. How the roads are so white and so calm (minus the snow road rages and slippery roads). Oversized shirts and sweaters and how I could just bundle up and not worry how I look haha.


  3. I do like some of the things you mentioned, but I’m always cold. So winter just doesn’t work for me, haha. I’d have to say summer is my favourite season, but here in New Zealand it can be quite annoying seeing as you have to soak yourself in sunscreen to be able to go outside for an hour. Summer in Sweden would have to be my absolute favourite. 🙂


    1. Haha yes! Sunscreen is the most annoying thing ever! I think I dislike summer because I overheat way, way too easily ha. Like, anything above 23/24 just gets too uncomfortable for me and I don’t like swimming in the ocean too much. Can’t really win in summer! Gah. I would love to experience a summer in Sweden though!

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  4. I enjoy all the things you listed, but I live in a city that’s never prepared for snow. Which means that my 5-minute commute turns into 45 minutes, with accidents round every corner.

    I can never wear cute shoes or trousers as the salt on the roads just ruins them, even if they stay relatively dry.

    On top of that, my house is so freezing cold that I can be sitting in my living room and I can see my breath.

    The worst thing is that I moved to the UK to get away from the snow!


    1. Oh wow, that sounds like my nightmare! I guess I’m lucky that I live too north in New Zealand, so we don’t get snow here. I feel you on seeing your breath in the living room though! I’ve had a few houses that haven’t been the warmest of places! Ick.


  5. I love hot water bottles too! They are the best in the winter time. 🙂

    I’d have to say my favorite season would be spring though, because I don’t like cold weather very much. Spring is the perfect temperature in my opinion, because it’s not too hot but not too cold! I also love seeing all the flowers that start blooming.


  6. YES! I love winter! For all of those reasons! I love autumn, more, though I think, but that’s just because of the leaves. I’m a child when it comes to kicking autumn leaves. haha 😀


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