The Best of the Web | Vol. 19

The Best of the Web | Vol. 16, Kendel @ Little Misadventures

Champagne macarons? How about them in candle form? Elese wrote about some candles that sound absolutely dreamy!

Cinnamon roll pancakes? Count me in!

Did you grow up too fast? Is there such a thing?

Anything that has ‘Chipotle’ in the title has a special place in my heart. Beth from Budget Bytes wrote about Chipotle Porobello Oven FajitasYum.

Em got to talk to Kourtney KardashianSay what? Go check out her post to see what she has to say.

We are responsible for all of your habits: good and bad.

What have you said when you were on a diet? I know I’ve said a few of these!

I’m not the best cook or the most patient cook. Ever. However, I found some ‘lazy girl’ recipes that even I would be able to cook.

Need some career tips? I found 23 that could help you today!

I also found 5 apps that can help with your productivity! I’m planning on downloading all of them. Right now.

My blog friend finally uploaded some videos from her trip to New Zealand! Hooray!

So, Rhiana’s mother has some pretty rad life lessons. Don’t believe me? Go check out her post for yourself!

My links…

Taking Stock: The one with going to the Coromandel, too much coffee, and finishing assignments.

The eighteenth link love roundup.


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