The Best of the Web | Vol. 18


The Best of the Web | Vol. 1, Kendel @ Little Misadventures

Soulmates. We all like the idea of them. This is hands down the best post. You need to read it.

Need a guide to the Gold Coast? Go check out Brooke’s post!

Have you been watching The Bachelorette? Need a recap? Head over to Elly’s blog to find out all the juicy gossip 😉

How to decorate your room on a budget! I think I use a tip or two from Rhiana’s blog post.

Blueberry muffins? Yes, please.

Want to know about some new (to me, at least) beauty products? Head over to Paula’s blog to find out what they are!

How do you know if a date is going well?

Sophie was right, anger is a waste of time.

What do you know about cryotherapy? Lauryn gave us the low down!

Have you ever been used as a blogger?

What were you like when you were 18? Olivia Jade let us know what her life was like.

How do you approach food, dieting, and lifestyle choices?


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