Junk Free June!

I’m sure you’ve seen the advertisements on your Facebook news feed. That’s where I discovered the idea. I usually scroll past the ads that pop up amongst my friend’s milestones and humble (or not so humble) brags about their new relationship, baby, graduation or travel plans. However, this particular ad made me pause and scroll back up the page so I could read it.


So, what is Junk Free June?

Junk Free June is a not-for-profit organisation founded by the Cancer Society of New Zealand. It launched in 2015 and had such great success that it is officially launching in Australia this year! Everyone has a different idea of what ‘junk’ is, and this platform invites them to decide on how they want to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Participants are encouraged to sign up to the site so they can receive donations and join different groups. All of the donations are then sent to the Cancer Society of New Zealand. It doesn’t stop there!

When you sign up to the site, you can set a fundraising goal or leave it open. The more you raise, the more is donated and you have the chance to win prizes too! For example, you get a free two-week trial at Les Mills and 20% off at The Academy Brand if you raise $25 for the Cancer Society of New Zealand. People who donate have the chance to win prizes, too.

So, why am I joining Junk Free June?

I’m joining Junk Free June because I want to establish healthier eating patterns. I can’t lie and say that I have the best diet or make the ultimate lifestyle choices. I don’t, and it is reflecting in my energy levels and how I feel doing simple day-to-day tasks. I’ve been looking for motivation and now seemed like the perfect time. I got my last bag of candy last night and I enjoyed all of its sugar-y goodness.

I said that ‘junk’ is different to every person. Well, I believe ‘junk’ is pretty stock standard to me. In June, I have decided to give up the typical stuff: candy, chips, fizzy drink, and baked goods. I’ve also decided to give up buying cafe coffee for the month of June.

Hopefully my bank account will see the same benefits as my health 😉

Tell me…

  • What is your ‘vice’ when it comes to junk food?
  • Have you ever donated to a charity?
  • Would you participate in Junk Free June or something similar?

2 thoughts on “Junk Free June!

  1. I would so join in with Junk Free June, buuuuut:
    1. I’ve already broken that rule – I’ve had an ice cream today 😦
    2. June is the month I finally come home after 7 months away and I know I’ll definitely be indulging in all of the junk food I’ve been missing!
    It’s a fab idea though and I love that you raise money for charity at the same time! Your figure is already insane though 😉
    Viola xo | http://www.apieceofviola.wordpress.com


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