What Do You Want?

It has been a long, long time, but I am jumping back on the blog challenge train. Who’s ready for this?

Every Woman Has the Exact Love Life She Wants, Kendel @ Little Misadventures #nzbloggers

I have seen that quote floating around the internet for some time now. Heck, I’ve even seen it in films and heard it in person every now and then. It’s the famous quote that people love to say when someone complains about their relationship status (or lack thereof, if you’re me).

I don’t believe that quote is 100% true.

Sure, if you don’t like something (especially a relationship) then you have the opportunity to try to change it or to walk away from it. There is no written rule that says things have to stay the same forever.

However, it doesn’t account for those of us who wake up and wonder how the hell we got into this situation. It doesn’t account for those of us who keep kissing the wrong one. It doesn’t account for those of us who think they have found the one for them, only to find out that he’s a cheating asshat. Sometimes you just get swept away and it takes a while to reach the ‘what the hell?’ moment.

What is a ‘love life’ anyway?

If we’re talking about it in the traditional sense, then I 100% do not have one.

Sure, I’ve been on dates, but I haven’t gotten the ‘connection’ that I have felt in the past. They have been wonderful and the kind people I get on with, but there has been that little bit missing. It’s no one’s fault. Sometimes it just happens that way.

If we’re talking about it in a non-traditional sense, then yes. I guess you could say that I have one.

Did I want it to be like that? I did.

Do I want it to be like that now?

If I’m being honest, then I don’t think I want it to be like this anymore.

So I guess that means that I have to figure out what I want. No time like the present, right?


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