…Is This Thing On?

Back from Hiatus, Kendel @ Little Misadventures #nzbloggers

Ahem. Hi.

My name is Kendel and I have been a terrible blogger in the last week or two. I feel like I have neglected my poor little space on the internet, and you. The last part is probably worse. I love coming to this little space and chatting about nothing and everything. I truly appreciate all the comments and support that you have given me, so it makes me sad when I leave our meeting ground empty. I swear I can see the tumble weeds blowing in the wind.

I have been stressed out to the max. I have had assignments to deal with, cars breaking down, meetings in the city, and general life decisions to make. Well, the assignments (for now) have been finished, the car is being dealt with, the meetings are over and several life decisions have been made.

I’m a year older 😉 My birthday is at the end of April and I celebrated it with my family and a few friends in the Coromandel area. I feel older and wiser already. It feels so, so good to be twenty-two.

I also have a lot of plans for my blog. I have been writing and writing and writing down ideas for this space of mine. Hopefully I can start to put all these grand plans into action!

So, hi!

I’m jumping back into this blogging business with full force. Are you ready for this?


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