Photo by Anthony Delanoix; edited by me
Photo by Anthony Delanoix; edited by me

I never thought I would be writing something like this. I never thought I would be blogging after six years. I never thought I would be friends with so many people that I met over the internet. I never thought it would be normal to say that I met someone through my blog and not have it questioned.

A couple of days ago, I got a notification saying that I had hit eight hundred followers. I might be considered ‘small fry’ to some bloggers, but that is a huge milestone for me. That number is simply mind-boggling for me. I cannot believe that there are eight hundred people who are interested in little ol’ me.

So, thank you. Thank you. Truly.

Blogging (for me) isn’t about the numbers. I try to avoid the statistics page. Some days I write something in twenty minutes and it absolutely blows up, some days I write something in two hours and get flops. It’s frustrating and I don’t understand it at all. I try to avoid the statistics page. However, I do get a little excited when I hear that I have another follower. I mean, who doesn’t like knowing that their writing resonates with another person? I love knowing that I’ve made another connection somewhere else in the world.

So, thank you. Thank you. Truly.

Since I have a few new faces around here, I thought I would let you know a few secrets about me!

Ready for this?

#1: I lived in America for ten months when I was fifteen years old. I still have a lot of old habits from living there. I still say bathroom instead of toilet, cookie instead of biscuit, candy instead of lollies, and comforter instead of duvet. Not only that, but the way I pronounce words has changed. My accent comes and goes, too. You would know what I mean if you ever had a conversation with me 😉

#2: I have lived in the same house (in Auckland) for a year, but I still haven’t put any artwork up on the walls.

#3: I didn’t know what public relations was until I changed my degree. Guess what I major in now? Public relations. I love it. I have seven papers to go before I finish my degree. Part of me doesn’t want it to end, part of me is excited because I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

#4: My favourite dessert is banoffee pie. Hands down. My favourite food is crayfish meatballs, meat lovers pizza, sushi, and french toast. Yum. My drink of choice is a triple shot flat white, but I’m also partial to a mocha frappe or a dark and stormy cocktail.

#5: I want a dog: a Doberman or Shiba Inu. My family thinks I am insane.

#6: My personality type is ISTP. I think it explains a lot regarding how I operate. No lie. If you haven’t taken the personality test then you need to. It is amazing.

#7: Seven in my favourite number.

Thank you to everyone who has been with me from the start and thank you to the ones who are just getting to know me. I hope you stick around for a long, long time and we become great blog friends. Because that’s totally a thing 😉


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