Taking Stock #057

Taking Stock, Kendel @ Little Misadventures #NZbloggers

Making :: I’m making packing plans. I’m trying to figure out exactly how much stuff I need to survive for the next three days. I’m working for the next two days, so I won’t need a heck of a lot. I’m just excited to start packing!

Drinking :: Coffee and a smoothie. I made a banana, blueberry protein smoothie. It is so delicious. I’m in love. Yum.

Reading :: I’m reading through the hundreds of blog posts that you guys have published! I am a couple of hundred posts behind. Whoopsie. I’ll catch up one day. Maybe.

Eating :: See above. My breakfast is a smoothie. It is delicious and I am in love.

Wishing :: I wish I was good at writing cover letters. It turns out that I am pretty terrible. I say this because I started writing one on Monday. It’s currently Sunday and it still isn’t finished. I have no idea what to say. Is it appropriate to say, “Please hire me? I’ll love you forever.” No?

Enjoying :: My sleep ins. I was in a routine of waking up at 5:30am so I could study, but I’ve been too tired lately. I’ve been waking up, looking at the alarm clock, thinking “NOPE!” and going back to sleep. I like my sleep.

Waiting :: I’m waiting to move back to Auckland. I am so, so excited to go back. I have two more days of work and then I’m on the move! Hooray!

Wondering :: I found out that we have a new flatmate! It’s a girl. Hooray! We now have three girls and three boys in the house. Things are even now. I’ve been told that I’m going to get along with the new girl, but I’m just wondering what she’s going to be like.

Hoping :: I’m hoping that I get this internship! I’m in the process of writing a cover letter for an internship in marketing and fundraising with Ronald McDonald House. Please, please cross everything for me (fingers, toes, legs, eyes).

Wearing :: My dressing gown and leggings. Standard. So sexy.

Trying :: I’m trying to get motivated to study again. I’ve been so caught up in work at the moment. I’m not complaining because I actually like my job, but I’m starting to feel like I don’t have enough hours in the day/week.

Feeling :: Like I need a bucket load of coffee. Please?


3 thoughts on “Taking Stock #057

    1. I have the attention span on a goldfish 90% of the time haha. That’s why I like these types of posts too! So easy to write out as well. I just moved back to the same place. I have a summer contract with a company so I move to a different area for six weeks and work for them before moving back to the city. I have ONE MORE YEAR! I CAN SEE THE LIGHT! Shouty excited capitals 😉 That’s how excited and terrified I am haha.


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