Taking Stock #053

Taking Stock, Kendel @ Little Misadventures

Making :: I have been playing around on Facebook and I created a Facebook page for my blog! It is very, very new and I have no idea what I’m doing with it. Ha. Feel free to go have a little look around!

Drinking :: Coffee. Standard answer for a standard question.

Reading :: I recently got some books in the mail as a Christmas present. The two I got are The Storyteller and Leaving Time. I started reading The Storyteller a couple of days ago and I am obsessed! Jodi Picoult knows how to write a good book. I may or may not have a goal of owning all of her books.

Eating :: Leftover spaghetti bolognese! I am so obsessed with it at the moment. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was also the first thing that I learned to cook, so it holds a special place in my heart (and stomach).

Wishing :: I wish that the rest of my deliveries would arrive! I have been tracking things for a few days now and they are getting closer…but I am an impatient person. Sometimes. Okay, a solid 70% of the time. Ha. I am waiting on a few more books, some make up stuff, and a Polar watch as a Christmas present to myself. Exciting stuff!

Enjoying :: I am enjoying waking up early. I do have the initial ‘Ick, too early!’ thought when I see the time on the clock, but it all changes once I get out of bed. I really, really like rising with the sun. It does me the world of good…and makes me much more productive.

Waiting :: I’m waiting for my assignment grades. I know that I submitted it a couple of weeks ago, so I’m getting a little antsy. That being said, college is currently on a break, so I probably won’t be receiving any grades until it restarts in January.

Wondering :: I’m wondering what the summer is going to be like. I like my job, but it tends to make my summer a little hectic. Yesterday, I came across groups of people using the road like a giant sidewalk. I might have gotten a little road-ragey. Whoops.

Hoping :: I’m hoping the rain holds off for today! It has been so beautiful and sunny over the past couple of days. I am not prepared for rain again. My job involves me driving every day, so I’m also not prepared for slippery roads. Everyone please cross your fingers for me.

Wearing :: I’m wearing my work uniform. It’s super sexy: a bright red shirt, black shorts and my standard Skechers.

Trying :: I’m trying to get back into exercise. I really, really am. I’m relatively fit when it comes to walking/running, but I am tragically unfit when it comes to resistance/strength exercises. I’m trying to change my attitude towards resistance workouts throughout the summer.

Feeling :: Like I need another cup of coffee.


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