The Best of the Web | Vol. 6

I know a few bloggers do this, but I wanted to create a ’round up’ (of sorts) that featured my favourite posts from the week! I figured that this was a way to introduce you to some new (and awesome) blogs. I mean, who doesn’t love discovering a new blog (person)?

The Best of the Web | Vol. 1, Kendel @ Little Misadventures

Drea says some very real things about Christmas and everyday life. She is amazing. Happy Everyday!

I will definitely be creating these sixteen lists in 2016.

What have you learned in 2015?

Coffee will always be my #1. No matter what. Sonya gets me.

I have spent the last couple of days talking about this pizza. I’m 90% sure I can con someone into making it for me 😉

I’m also going to have a crack at making Rosie’s mulled wine.

Have you ever realised that suddenly, everything is different? Blair has managed to put all my thoughts down into words.

I know Christmas is over, but I think I’m going to be enjoying these recipes for a long, long time…because gingerbread coffee. Um, YUM.

ALERT: Bloglovin’ is looking for Content Interns!

Jordyn has pulled the trigger and come up with a monthly newsletter! Go check out her blog…and subscribe to the newsletter because she is damn amazing!

My links…

My fifth link love roundup!

Taking Stock: The one with workouts and Christmas wish lists

I came up with eleven budget friendly ways to have fun this holiday season

A virtual coffee date with talk of weird dreams, more ‘wish list’ talk, and college holidays

I popped on over to say Merry Christmas as well 🙂


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