Taking Stock #052

Taking Stock, Kendel @ Little Misadventures

Making :: I’m making plans for my workouts throughout the week! I think it was about the middle of the year when I decided that I really wanted to change my attitude about health and fitness. Fast forward to now, and I’m definitely healthier/fitter than I was, but now I’m motivated to tone up. I’ve mentioned Kayla Itsines before and I do have her guides. I have a goal to go through her guides once before my birthday. I have four months and six days. I’ve also been following this blogger for a while and I’m going to take part in her twelve days of fit-mas (even if I am a few days late).

Drinking :: I’ve made a goal (another one) to drink one cup of green tea per day. I have the Red Seal version of green tea, which tastes amazing.

Reading :: If you follow me on Twitter, then you would have seen that I got the #GIRLBOSS book yesterday. I’d say that I’m 80% of the way through the book already…and I love it. You should be seeing a review soon if everything goes to plan!

Eating :: I have been eating so much crap lately and it has reflected in my body. I just feel ‘blah’. I have been eating chocolate cake, lamingtons, bacon, sausages, and drinking a lot of wine/rum. ‘Tis the holiday season 😉 That being said, I didn’t work so hard over the last few months to just gain the weight back in a manner of weeks.

Wishing :: I wish I had enough money to buy all the books from my Amazon wish list. It is quite extensive. Ha. At the moment I’m looking at these four (1/2/3/4), plus a million more.

Enjoying :: I’m definitely enjoying my time off before I start working again. I start my summer job on Wednesday and I am so excited for it. I am ready to tackle those crazy summer crowds head on.

Waiting :: I’m waiting to hear back about my first (proper) assignment grade. I handed it in on Friday evening, but I’m already anticipating the grade. Isn’t that always the way? Summer school. Argh. College life.

Wondering :: I’m wondering what I’m going to make for Christmas. My family has implemented this ‘hand made’ rule, which is only mildly annoying. Spoiler alert: I’m making sugar cookies and paleo friendly desserts. Nothing says, “Merry Christmas!” like a bunch of desserts.

Hoping :: I’m hoping that my plans for Christmas work out. I am not the best baker/chef. It will be a miracle if this pans out.

Wearing :: It was pretty dreary this morning, so I decided to try on a pair of jeans. I got the shock of my life to find out that they actually fit. Like, woah. They did not fit one or two months ago. I might have done a happy dance around my bedroom before changing into shorts and a shirt.

Trying :: I’m trying to catch up on my college stuff. I might have fallen a bit behind in the last week or two. Whoops. Good thing I don’t have any lectures to attend 😉 I 100% support distance learning. Massey University is the best.

Feeling :: Good. So good. I’m really feeling this holiday.


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