The Best of the Web | Vol. 4

I know a few bloggers do this, but I wanted to create a ’round up’ (of sorts) that featured my favourite posts from the week! I figured that this was a way to introduce you to some new (and awesome) blogs. I mean, who doesn’t love discovering a new blog (person)?

The Best of the Web | Vol. 1, Kendel @ Little Misadventures

Who do you hang out with? Who are you when you’re with them?

How long does it take you to move on?

Want to win coffee for life (or the next thirty years)? Click this link. I promise. It’s legit.

A list of very readable books from 2015.

How does your culture share?

This woman has managed to combine my two loves: pizza and Thai food! Um, YUM.

I have been following their blog for a while, but lately all of their photos have made my wanderlust go absolutely mental. I want/need/must travel in the upcoming years.

I’ve found a Christmas blogging challenge that I’m going to complete! It just sounds so cute and Christmassy. I have to do it…and you should too!

Why do you “dress up”? For yourself or other people?

I would love to get anything and everything in this gift guide. Hint, hint 😉

Everything you need to know about starting a blog.

I want dark chocolate and peppermint everything. This sounds like heaven.

These wedding photos are the cutest and it makes me want to get married. Just a little bit.

Rosie Belle is here and she is the cutest wee thing. Baby fever.

My links…

My third link love roundup!

Taking Stock: The one with dining out and more about college life.


5 thoughts on “The Best of the Web | Vol. 4

  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for all the love Kendel!! I appreciate it.
    Have you tried the recipe yet? It’s seriously HEAVENLY!!!!!


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