Monthly Goals: December 2015

Guys, we are in December! Can we just take a minute to appreciate how close Christmas is? I am getting way too excited for Christmas this year because it means that I’ll be able to spend time with my family. It already feels like I haven’t seen them in forever, even though I saw them two weeks ago. I have ten days until I move back to the coast and I am more than ready to be in the Coromandel. I miss that place. Just a little bit.

It would be rude move on to my goals for December without letting you know how November went though, right? So here’s a little review of my goals for November before I get started 🙂

1) Read two books. No. Ha. So close, yet so far. I managed to read Lace and I got most of the way through a second book. I’m just more interested in reading blogs at the moment. Not even sorry.

2) Try three new recipes from my new cookbook. No. Again. I did try two, but that’s it. They were pretty damn amazing though. I was given a lot of pre-cooked food in November, so I hardly ate any of my own groceries. I’m not really complaining. The food was good and I got to save a bit of money. That’s a win in my book.

3) Survive one month of BBG. Ha. No. My hatred for bodyweight exercises continues.

4) Keep up with my summer school stuff. Yes! I actually am. I’m keeping up with the college readings at least. They are the things that I usually fall behind in, so I am mildly proud of myself.

5) No café coffee. Again – no. I just love coffee way too much. Maybe I’ll try again in December 😉

Goals for December, Kendel @ Little Misadventures Blog #nzbloggers

This month is going to be filled with goals from my 101 in 1001 page! I am determined as heck to get some of these things crossed off my list!

1) No cafe coffee. For real this time. I need to save money so I can pay my rent. I love coffee, but I need to control myself when it comes to how much I spend on the stuff.

2) No alcohol. This might be a bit of a stretch (since it is the holiday season and all) but I want to give my body  a bit of a break. I’m not a boozy person by any means, but I think it would be nice to not lean on alcohol in potentially awkward social situations.

3) Design a new blog header. I’m already sick of my blog header. Hopefully I can find the time and motivation to design a new one. I use Canva for all of the images on my blog. It is a huge help for someone who is as design challenged as I am.

4) Watch the sunrise and the sunset. I’m going to be living opposite a beach in ten days, which creates the perfect setting for beautiful landscape photography. It would be rude to not sneak in a photo of the sunrise and sunset.

5) Read a book. I just got a book that is 637 pages long, so I think that’ll keep me entertained for the whole of December!

6) Walk the dog twice a week. I say “twice” because there are a lot of people who want to walk our family pet. Really. My mum, shareholders in the campground, and random family friends usually take turns walking her. I always complain that she doesn’t listen to me, so I figure that I will try to change that by spending more time with her.

Your turn! What are some of your goals for the month?


2 thoughts on “Monthly Goals: December 2015

  1. Goals for December: Eat a mince pie a day, drink at least a pint of mulled wine per week, eat a kilo of smoked salmon, either in one sitting or cumulatively, get sufficiently drunk to sing Christmas carols, complain it’s not cold enough for Christmas (it’s currently 12c in Manchester, UK), go to Starbucks and drink a gingerbread latte, wonder around the Christmas markets complaining it’s the same rubbish as last year, eat a slab of Christmas cake with a large mug of team, add sensible comments to other people blogs. 🙂


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