Taking Stock #049

Taking Stock, Kendel @ Little Misadventures

Making :: I made cupcakes! I finally got my act together and picked up the ingredients to make the cupcakes that have been haunting my dreams. Worth it. I’m also making a playlist from the “This Week Sounds Like…” playlist from Spotify. Those people know what they’re doing. I’ve found a few favourites.

Drinking :: Coffee. Standard answer for a standard question.

Reading :: I finished Lace and have moved on to a book about concept cars! I have a bit of free time during the summer, so the car nerd has come out to play 😉 I might have gone to the library and picked up a few books. I currently have a book on concept cars, dream cars from way back when, and a book on Porsche. I’m a happy camper.

Eating :: Cupcake mixture. For breakfast. No shame. Today is a good day.

Wishing :: That I can eat cupcakes every day and no one question my decision-making process. I would love to eat a cupcake a day.

Enjoying :: I’m enjoying my week off. I haven’t been rostered to work this week, so I have a lot of free time. Like I said: I’m not really complaining. I have time to read more books and to (hopefully) get ahead in my summer school study.

Waiting :: I’m waiting on exam results. I am mildly panicked. Not going to lie. I feel like I passed all of them, but who knows. I am learning that you should never assume when you are at college. Lecturers can pull the quickest 180 I have ever seen.

Wondering :: How I’m going to afford to live in Auckland after college is over. Ha. I still have a year to figure it out, but time seems to be speeding up. I can barely believe that we’re nearing the end of the year already. It feels like I blinked in April and somehow ended up in November. What?

Hoping :: I’m hoping that I passed my exams. I am not in the mood to repeat papers or to beg for the scripts to be remarked. No. I’m also hoping that my budgeting skills are up to par. I guess we’ll find out by the middle of December. Ha. Let’s be honest, I don’t really have a budget. It’s more “I can’t afford anything right now”. Student life.

Wearing :: My fluffy dressing gown. This is a pretty accurate representation of what I look like right now.

Trying :: To get motivated to get out of my dressing gown. Ha. I’ve decided that I want to do a lot of reading and writing at the park this morning…but I’m running out of morning. This dressing gown is just too cuddly.

Feeling :: Cuddly. Seriously. All I want is a cuddle. Not the “Netflix and chill” type of cuddle. I just want a legitimate cuddle when two people stay fully clothed. Is that too much to ask for?


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