If We Were on a Coffee Date | Vol. 6

If We Were on a Coffee Date, Kendel @ Little Misadventures-3

If we were on a coffee date, I would tell you that I have been tired this week. It seems that I cannot get enough sleep. I’ve been needing a nap in the afternoon to get me through the day. I’m a college student, but I’m beginning to feel like a toddler again. Naps are great, but they really mess up my afternoon. Ugh.

If we were on a coffee date, I would tell you that I have successfully switched my major from Journalism Studies to PR! Hooray and hallelujah. I got the confirmation email this week, so it is finally all official. It’s kind of crazy to think that I have one more year to go before I’m a “big girl” and have to be a functional adult. Can I be a college student forever?

If we were on a coffee date, I would tell you that I’m still getting accustomed to the new WordPress post layout. I logged in today and it really threw me for a loop. Trying to add and edit photo dimensions/titles in weird now. I actually went to the original post set up to edit things. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of the new layout…One day.

If we were on a coffee date, I would tell you that I have feelings for someone. The kind of ‘damn it, did not plan on this happening’ sort of feelings. Argh. I have been trying to tell myself that I’m not emotionally attached to this person, but it seems that I might be. Just a little bit. Ha. Screw you, life.

If we were on a coffee date,  I would tell you that my college summer paper has started…and I am get to look at the course properly. Ah, student of the year 😉 It does sound interesting, but that ‘holiday mode’ switch hasn’t flicked off. I’m sure it will when I see assignment deadlines creeping closer 😉

If we were on a coffee date, I would tell you that I’ve messed with the theme of my blog and I absolutely hate it. Gah. Only problem is that I’m also too lazy to change it back. Ha. Blogger problems. I like writing. I do not like messing with design and layouts. It is 100% not my jam.

Tell me…

  • Do you like the new post layout?
  • Have you ever designed/modified your own blog theme or do you leave it to the “professionals”?
  • What do you do when you ‘get feelings’ for someone? (Spoiler alert: I tend to run for the hills!)



11 thoughts on “If We Were on a Coffee Date | Vol. 6

  1. I’m not sure about the new layout. I think it would be better if the draft looked the same as the post will. I don’t like that the fonts are different when writing the draft (although I guess it’s always been like that). I’ve tried designing layouts in the past, but gave up. Would totally consider paying for one if my blog took off though. Not sure I can give you much advice when it comes to the feelings you’re having for someone. I jumped at the opportunity with my first love, and we’ve now been together for 8 years and are engaged, haha!


    1. I really don’t like the new layout! It is good that we get to see what the post will look like across different devices though 🙂 I would totally pay for a theme as well! As it is, I just create headers and mess about with the widget layout. That is 100% enough for me haha. Not a design person at all! Hahaha. Yes, that is the best! I think I have a bit of a block when it comes to relationships and emotions though. I mean, I’ve been “with” (don’t actually know what we’re doing) this person for almost six months and I was doing a really good job of keeping my emotions in check, but they seem to be getting a bit out of control as of late >..<

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      1. I wish I could just hire a web designer to create an awesome design for me, but I just don’t have that kind of money to spend! Haha.

        Sounds like you might need to have a chat to this person to figure out what you are to each other. Maybe they feel the same way? 🙂


        1. I would if I had the money and if my site was self-hosted! I’m a poor student and still hosted by wordpress.com, so I don’t really see the point 🙂
          I think I need to do it because this is doing my head in haha. There is something telling me that this conversation is going to end badly for me though…Argh.

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          1. Yeah, my blog is still hosted on WordPress as well, I just have my own domain name. I find it quite useful being on WordPress though, in terms of visibility. If I wasn’t there and came up on the Reader of some people, I’d have to work a lot harder to advertise my blog! 🙂


  2. I know exactly how you feel about the “damn it!” unplanned feelings. The unfortunate thing is I know I’m a sap at heart so even when I’m sitting there telling myself “no you’re not attached” (or the more often DON’T BE!) I slip into musings of an ideal. So far my only (semi-)working advice on the matter is that it does well to take stock in your place in life and to really decide whether it’s wise for you to suppose feeling for this person….
    More results on that later >___> haha
    Great sharing though!


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