Taking Stock #046


Making :: I’m making to do lists on my phone. My shiny, new iPhone. I am 100% obsessed with it. I can definitely see why the products get so hyped up. I’m still trying to get the hang of a few things, but I am undoubtedly smitten. 3D touch is my new love.

Drinking :: I’ve been awake since 5am, so I’m drinking a lot of coffee today. Yum. You wanna know what’s better than just plain ol’ coffee? Coffee with vanilla essence/extract. Yum. Again. So good.

Reading :: I’ve been thinking about investing in a fitness watch, so I’ve been looking at reviews on the Polar Watch A300 and the Fitbit Charge HR. I really like the idea of being able to see it all on an interface, but I also like the idea of an accompanying app. I’m torn. Ha. If anyone has a fitness watch and reckons theirs is the best then please let me know! They aren’t the cheapest things in the world and I want to make sure that I’m investing my money in the right one.

Eating :: I went for a walk early this morning, so I had a smoothie with good things like cookies n’ cream protein powder, strawberries, whole grain rolled oats, spinach, vanilla essence and chia seeds. Yum. I’m the picture of health 😉

Wishing :: I wish the clouds and wind would go away so I can take all my stuff to the park! I have a little spot that is usually all lit up with sunshine. I go and study there for a couple of hours every week or so and it is brilliant. I love getting out of the house to study. There is nothing worse than being stuck at a desk while the sun is shining.

Enjoying :: My coffee. I needed this so bad.

Waiting :: I’m waiting for grades to be put up online. The lecturer mentioned that the essays were some of the best that a first year class had submitted (hurrah!) but he is yet to release the grades. This makes me think that he’s just setting us up for a giant fall and I’m going to be head-desking when I finally see what I got. (That being said, I also got a 91 for my media release. Say what?).

Wondering :: I’m wondering what my group meeting on Tuesday will be like. I don’t want to go into it too much (Hi group peoples!) but there is a teeny tiny (aka a lot) of tension in the group. Things have been said and I am on the pissed off side of things. I am annoyed, frustrated and borderline giving up. We’re supposed to be working on an assignment worth 40% of our grades, but it shouldn’t be this hard. Seriously.

Hoping :: I’m hoping that the lecturer will just see that our group is a lost cause and let’s us do a written assignment. Fat chance, Kendel. Keep dreaming. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather be given a written assignment to finish in two hours than have to work in a group and act out a play/production. Can you say “nightmare”?

Wearing :: Sunday clothes AKA weirdly patterned leggings and a Nizfest jumper. No, I am not planning anyone of importance today…and if I do, well, yolo. Chances are they’ve already seen me naked anyway 😉

Trying :: To get motivated to do some study. I have a multi-choice test on Tuesday (and Thursday) and I haven’t studied. At all. Whoops. The weather has gotten mildly better (touch wood) as I have written this, so I’m thinking of getting into more public appropriate clothing and heading to my little park. We’ll see what happens after I press ‘publish’ though.

Feeling :: Like I need more coffee. And abs. And a million dollars. And a college (university) degree. And a Doberman. And this car.


5 thoughts on “Taking Stock #046

  1. Hey Kendel! I’d like to share that I have a Garmin Vivofit and it’s perfect for me. It’s very similar to the Polar watch and Fitbit when it comes to functionality. Just some minor differences here and there. I guess it would greatly depend on what your real goals are for buying a fitness watch. 🙂 Oh and I can’t wait for my new iPhone, I’m jealous you have one already haha! 😀


  2. So jealous about the phone. My 5 won’t last half a day on the battery now and I have been resisting using it as an excuse to go and buy a 6…

    Nice car, but I would go with a German Shepard rather than a Pinscher 😛


  3. I want a Fitbit Charge HR so much, but the Withings watches look so much nicer! They look like regular watches so no one would suspect a thing: http://www2.withings.com/us/en/products/activite-pop
    You have to use the app but the watch shows your progress in a very discreet way. If anyone notices, you can make silly jokes about the tiny hand showing your energy level or next essay grade. I know I would.
    I hope I make sense. I’m so tired. I’ll follow your lead and get more coffee…


  4. I’m looking into fitness trackers too! My choice was the Fitbit Charge HR, so I’m saving up for one right now (man, they sure are pricey). I chose it moreso for its slim design. It’s not intrusive at all, and it’s reliable! I did look into the Polar one too, though and what I’ve taken away from it so far is that it’s reliable and durable. If you haven’t already, you might just have to take a bit of a gamble 🙂 but between your two choices right now, I don’t think you can go wrong!

    Congrats on your grade! Here’s hoping your upcoming grade release went well 😀 Usually when instructors have good things to say, it generally means good news for almost everyone, haha. & I’m with ya on the coffee! Everyday presents a need for coffee. 😛


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