Taking Stock #045


Making :: I’m trying to make (and unmake) plans for this week. I feel like I might have overcommitted myself and I’m figuring it out. Thank goodness I’m figuring it out now and not two hours before something was supposed to happen. I can’t help feeling a little awful though. I hate going back on my word.

Drinking :: Surprise! Not coffee. Are you shocked? I am/was drinking a smoothie with kale, banana, strawberries, chia seeds, milk and a few other goodies. Remember this moment, I am sure it won’t happen ever again.

Reading :: I’m reading assignment notes and guidelines. I have one (or two) more assignments due this week and then I have a bit of breathing room. My main concern is finishing starting this assignment for media law and ethics. I love the paper, but it is just taking me a while to get into the writing part of it. Isn’t that always the way?

Eating :: Smoothie? That’s just blended food. Yum. Appealing. If that doesn’t count, then I’m still dreaming about the chicken burrito bowl that I had at #brunchclub yesterday. Yum. So good.

Wishing :: I wish someone could come slap some motivation into my brain. Nothing is appealing at the moment. It’s serious. I’m not even motivated to cook myself dinner tonight.

Enjoying :: I’m loving the moody weather. It doesn’t make for the most productive of moods, but I definitely like to watch the clouds float across the sky. Nature is awesome.

Waiting :: I’m waiting for my iPhone case to be delivered. I announced it on Twitter, but I’m going to say it again here. I might have (AKA totally did) preordered an iPhone6s in silver. I am 100% not girly enough for rose gold, but it was a hard choice. The case itself is supposed to be arriving on Wednesday(!) and the phone will follow a few weeks after that. This wait might just kill me.

Wondering :: I don’t know if it’s because I decided to preorder my phone a little late, but I’m kind of confused as to why the ‘preordered’ phones are being delivered a good week or two after they’re released in stores. There’s probably some super obvious reason, and I’m honestly not too bothered. I don’t spend my money a lot, so I just want to play with my new toy.

Hoping :: I’m hoping that I can rediscover this motivation for life. It could be due to the fact that I haven’t been exercising a whole lot (whoops) or it could be that dreaded end of year slump. I’m in college. The slump is real…or the slump is real for me, at least. Someone please tell me that I’m not the only college student that is in this ‘slump’. Any tips on how to get the heck out of it would also be greatly appreciated.

Wearing :: I’m wearing my famous (to me) leggings and baggy(ish) jumper combination. I woke up with a whole lot of ‘nope’ going on in my brain. I was convinced that I wasn’t going to go to college campus today…until I realised that I had to hand in a hard copy of my assignment. Damn due dates. They ruin your plans. Every. Time.

Trying :: I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to eat for dinner. I said that I was going to have a ‘no spend’ week this week (excluding petrol for my car) and I fully intend on keeping to it. I have a lot of food in the fridge, but nothing is appealing. Trying to figure out what I want to eat is probably going to be my goal for the rest of the day. I wish I was kidding.

Feeling :: Like I should be drinking coffee right now. Damn this delicious smoothie.


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