Obsessions: September 2015

My September Obsessions, Kendel @ Little Misadventures

Current Book:wish I could say that I have been reading a “proper” book, but I’m not. I’m reading textbooks. Hardly. I was in a slump for a bit, so I was (and still am) struggling to get through all my required readings. My main book is still about media law in New Zealand. It is heavy going, but I can finally say that I’m well and truly over halfway! Hallelujah.

Current TV Show: I was obsessed with Suits, but I’ve since caught up to all the episodes. Sad face. That being said, I probably shouldn’t be wasting all my time on TV shows. I’m staying at my parent’s house, and they have Sky TV. I’m currently watching Teen Mom 2. No shame.

Current Movie: I had a quiet night yesterday and I ended up watching The Time Traveler’s Wife. I’m not usually one for cute movies, but I was really feeling it this time. It was the best thing. Girly movies were needed.

Current iPhone Wallpaper Desktop Background: This is the only thing that hasn’t changed. I really like the background. I love the beach, so seeing that every day is a nice reminder that the beach isn’t too far away.

kuaotunu beach steps, coromandel

Current Nail Colour: My nails are currently naked. They are in need of a manicure or a little love. I work in a kitchen though, so they tend to get damaged pretty quickly these days. Professional hazard 😉 That being said, I did buy a pretty gold colour nail polish. I’m obsessed with it and I always paint my nails for the days that I don’t work.

Current Drink: Coffee. Surprised? My mum has some cappuccino packets, so I’ve been drinking the fancy coffee…and feeling all fancy. I’m not hating it.

Current Food: I always tell myself that I’m going to eat healthy (ish) when I’m at my parents’ house, but that almost always goes out the window. I’ve been enjoying fruit cake, hot chips and chocolate mousse. Yum. Epitome of health, I am not.

Current Obsession: My leggings. No shame. I love them. They are so comfortable.

Current Wish: I wish the weather will stay sunny 100% of the time. I am beyond ready for the sunny summer weather. I don’t want the heat, but I want the sunshine. Please?

Current Need: More hours in the day. I feel like I need a couple more hours in the day to accomplish everything that has to be done. Either that, or I need to get way better with time management. Considering I’m sitting here writing this instead of doing college readings, I think I know what I need to do 😉 Student life.

Current Procrastination: Blogging. Surprised? I’m still mildly obsessed with The Sims 4, so I’ve been playing that a fair bit as well. Why yes, I am a child at heart 😉 I’m not ashamed.

Current Excitement: The sunny (ish) day. This is just the beginning. It’s just going to get better and better from here on out. You mark my words. Also, my friend got engaged. If that isn’t something to be excited about, then I don’t know what is. I love weddings. So much. They are the best type of celebration.

Current Mood: Happy. So happy. Guys, this is rad. I haven’t been this happy and confident in myself in a long time. I don’t know what is causing this or how long it’ll last, but I sincerely hope that it sticks around. My mind is all sunshine and rainbows. It is brilliant.

Current Bane of My Existence: College readings. Forever and always. I would much, much rather read eighty blog posts, but no. I have to read someone ramble about media law. Still not complaining (too much). I do like media law. I just wish I had more time to read everything that I wanted to read. Life can be so unfair.

Current Blessing: Everything that I currently have in my life. I am so happy and grateful.

Current Link: #BlogtemberChallenge: I Can Be Passionate


7 thoughts on “Obsessions: September 2015

  1. I haven’t had the chance to really read real books since school started either! Although, my Art History textbook is interesting, so maybe that counts as a book! They also have the prettiest images!

    Leggings are one of my favorite things to wear too! I’m not too sure whether I like the leggings as pants trend, but I can definitely say I wear them more than is acceptable probably!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin’


    1. Art history would be fun to read! #pictures hahaha I do like media law though, mainly because a solid 1/3 of the page is footnote citations haha. So good.
      I’m 100% onboard the leggings as pants trend. Mainly because I couldn’t fit my old pants and was (and still am, kinda) too poor to go buy a size up. LOL. I’ve gotten compliments though, so I’m just gonna go with it being mildly acceptable now. University life 😉 Anything goes really.


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