#BlogtemberChallenge Day 2 | Today Was a Fairytale

Is using a hashtag in a post title allowed? Can I do that? Is it tacky? I’m asking these questions, but I think I know what the answer is already. I’m just looking validation. Please give it to me in the form of comments below 😉 Really though. I do want your honest opinion on the hashtag thing. I don’t know if it’s bothering me or not.

#BlogtemberChallenge 2015, Ideal Day, Kendel @ Little Misadventures
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Day two: Describe your ideal day. Where would you go and what would you do?

I love the word ‘ideal’. It makes me feel like absolutely anything is possible. I mean, in an ‘ideal world’, right? 😉 That’s exactly where this post is heading. You have been warned.

My ideal day would consist of sleeping in and finding (thanks to some magical coffee fairy) a coffee from my favourite cafe, Alley Katz, on my side table. I would have the time to sip it slowly without forgetting about it (like every cup of tea I ever make) and without scalding my tongue. That is a good time for no one. The sun would be shining and there wouldn’t be a cloud in the sky. It would be that typical spring-but-almost-summer type of weather. Sunny and warm, but not so hot that you want to live in an air-conditioned room/live in the ocean.

I would go downstairs and practice a little yoga in the sunshine before getting ready for the day (AKA actually planning what I wear and remembering to put on make up). It’s the little things, no hate. Then…brunch! I have a real thing for brunch at the moment. I also have a love affair with french toast. I have been dreaming of it. No joke. I think that’s a subtle sign that I need to go to brunch…soon. That being said, I’m also dreaming of donuts. Heck, is this an ideal day or not? After yoga and getting all prettied up, I’d go to brunch and donuts with my favourite people. If you’re reading this, then you are officially one of my favourite people. Wanna grab a donut?

Source: picjumbo
Source: picjumbo

After brunch, we’d wander into the most charming bookshop and walk out with as many book as we can carry. I managed to find one on High Street in Auckland that I’m a little obsessed with. Unity Books, I’m lookin’ at you. I definitely found a book (or ten) that I would have liked to take home with me.

A helicopter would appear out of no where (ideal day guys, remember?) and I would ditch everyone (sorry) to go find a secluded beach somewhere. The rest of the day would be spent frolicking on the beach, snacking on desserts from Milse that I managed to pick up, and reading my new books. I, of course, would have managed to meet some handsome guy and we’ve fallen in love 😉 I joke. Kind of.

Realistically though, this would be the time that my stomach would be rumbling for dinner and wine. Mostly wine. Okay, a lot of wine. I would be hungry for wine. The good Stonyridge type of wine. Maybe there would be a happy hour consisting of wine. Maybe there would be a wine tasting including a lot of wine. Main point is: Wine will be involved at some point. After I’m all wined up, I will definitely be hungry. Dinner could be fried chicken or pizza or something fancy like crayfish meatballs. It could be dessert for dinner. I wouldn’t complain #banoffeepie 😉

After dinner, this magical helicopter would reappear and drop me off right by my house. I would go home, sleep like a (properly sleep trained) baby and wonder why ideal days don’t happen all the time.

#BlogtemberChallenge 2015, Ideal Day, Kendel @ Little Misadventures2
Source: Ravi Vora

#blogtemberchallenge 2015Bailey Jean from Brave Love is the creator of the #blogtemberchallenge (and linkup). She has come up with some rad prompts for the month of September and all of you should definitely join up! You can do one, a handful or all of them. All I say is that you just try one and see how you like it. All of us write on the internet for fun (or as a full-time job), so why not have a little (more) fun with it and meet (more) rad people along the way?


10 thoughts on “#BlogtemberChallenge Day 2 | Today Was a Fairytale

  1. Your ideal day sounds amazing! The coffee fairy brought me some of the Lewis Road Creamery x Coffee Supreme milk today so I had an iced coffee in bed – no burning my tongue and no need to get up. Living the dream over here!


    1. Hahaha thank you for sharing your thoughts on the hashtag. Much appreciated. I thought it was a bit tacky. I’m still a bit iffy about it. Ah well 😉 Thanks (again)! I’m glad you liked the post 🙂 I’ve been dreaming about this day. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll come true 🙂

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