Taking Stock #041

Taking Stock, Kendel @ Little Misadventures

Making :: I’m making plans for my mid-semester break. I can’t believe that I’m already halfway through the college semester. I’m not ready for this. I’m not ready for the college year to be over. That means I have to return to the “real world” of jobs and responsibilities. This “professional student” gig is starting to become really tempting.

Drinking :: Ginger tea. I found it in the supermarket yesterday and I am not looking back. I’m going through it like there’s no tomorrow.

Reading :: Believe it or not, but I’ve been reading more college textbooks. I’ve decided to catch up on all my readings this week. Wish me luck guys, my brain might explode. I wish I was kidding.

Eating :: Spaghetti bolognese. I had the mince on toast this morning and it blew my mind. So good. I may or may not have eaten all the mince…today. Whoops. Worth it. Not sorry.

Wishing :: I keep looking at my Instagram feed, which is currently clogged with half-naked really toned people. Gah. I can’t help but wish that my body looked like that. I have moved on from my past, but I want to build on my now. I also wish that I was a little more zen. I’ve been going, going, going for a while now and I can feel a crash coming. I’ve decided to try yoga (again) to slow myself down and just bring me back to myself. Hopefully it works.

Enjoying :: Today. Today has been a good day. I don’t know what it is, but I really love Sundays. Definitely my favourite day of the week. I spent the afternoon at the park and it was wonderful.

Waiting :: I’m waiting for that ‘click’ moment. It’s different this time though. I’m not waiting for the click moment to happen in class. I’m waiting for the click moment to happen in life. I’m trying to decide between staying in Auckland over summer and moving back to Kuaotunu. Struggle is real.

Wondering :: I’m wondering what the grade of my first assignment is going to be. I just handed in an assignment on defamation and it was worth 30% of my final grade. That’s a heck of a lot…especially for a paper with no exam at the end. This paper is do or die. I’m terrified.

Hoping :: I’m hoping that I can get motivated to get out of bed and a) clean my bedroom, b) clean the bathroom, c) clean my study area, and d) do some yoga. We have a house inspection tomorrow afternoon and my areas of the house are total write-offs. Whoops.

Wearing :: Jeans and a jumper. Casual stuff. Nothing exciting and nothing too over the top. I think I’m going out for dinner tomorrow night, so watch this space 😉

Trying :: To remember where I put my car keys. I swear I lose them every ten minutes. No joke. I need a beeper for my car keys. I am hopeless.

Feeling :: Blah. I am motivated, but I feel like I’m getting sick at the same time. A small part of me wants to stay in bed, but the other (much larger) part of me wants to get up and be productive. I wonder which side will win 😉


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