I Bet You Didn’t Know These 10 Facts

I sincerely hope you didn’t stumble onto my page expecting to find ten facts that’ll “fix” the world. You know, something crazy like the square root of pi. That sort of stuff. I’m sorry, but you won’t be finding anything like that here. That being said, everyone knows that the square root of pi is 1.772453851. Thank you, Google. I’ve had a few new faces (and followers) popping up on my blog, so I thought I’d share ten new (to some) facts about myself! About me photo, Kendel @ Little Misadventures Fun fact: That there is my face. All prettied up with a black and white filter. I’m a fan of them. Now let’s get to the real juicy stuff 😉

  1. I lived in America for nine (ish) months. I moved to Missouri and lived in the south-west corner of the state. I was fifteen, so I didn’t get up to any funny business, but I did have the time of my life. I managed to get a little accent and it reappears when I’m talking to Americans or Canadians.
  2. I’ve had three cars in three years. I crashed the first car myself and it was written off. The second one was sitting on the roadside (parked, all legal-like) and someone decided that it would be fun to drive straight through her. I still have my third car and she’s beautiful. I love her. I also get irrationally attached to my cars. They’re my babies.
  3. My favourite food is sushi. BUT I only like sushi with chicken/vegetables. That narrows the selection quite a bit.
  4. I’m in my third year of college and I have studied a range of thing, including, but not limited to: Linguistics, Spanish, Writing Studies, and Public Relations. I’m currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Communication with a major in Journalism Studies and a minor in Linguistics.
  5. I got accepted to study at Lancaster University, but I turned it down to focus on my study in New Zealand. I ended up changing my degree (twice…ish) and moved to Auckland. By myself.
  6. My life seems to be a giant stream of “kinda, sorta” dating someone. I’m okay with this. Really. Being single is awesome, remember? I can’t remember the last time I dated someone who was close to my age. Definitely not in the last twelve months. At least.
  7. always listen to music when I write blog posts. It helps me get in the groove of things and makes the words flow easier or that’s what I like to tell myself anyway.
  8. This might be a new blog, but I have been blogging for four years (or more) by now. I have been putting my life on the internet for a long, long time. I’m an old hand at this stuff 😉
  9. I have wanted to be a journalist for ten years. Ten years. That is a long time to hold onto a dream. I’m finally chasing it. Took long enough, right?
  10. I am deathly afraid of birds. I hate them. With a passion. You may have noticed the hashtag that I started on Twitter. It is no joke.

There you go! Ten facts about yours truly! 🙂

Don’t leave me hanging! Share a weird (or normal) fact about yourself!


14 thoughts on “I Bet You Didn’t Know These 10 Facts

  1. I love this post idea! I may have to borrow it 😛 But let’s see, what’s one weird fact I can share with you? Oh, I know! I met my husband through World of Warcraft. Definitely not your ‘everyday’ love story 😛

    ❤ and harp strings,


  2. Hi! I’m Rae. One fact about me…I have a degree in Psychology that I spent four (ok, maybe five) years getting and have yet to actually use it. Haha. Good for you for chasing that journalism dream!


    1. Hi love! Oooh, a degree in Psychology would be awesome! I actually did consider swapping to something like that last year. It was a fleeting thought, but I really nearly did it. Ha. I just want a degree that I’m proud of, and I think I can finally say that I’m taking steps to achieving that goal 🙂


  3. Yes! I always listen to music when blogging too – I usually shove me library on shuffle.
    OOH CARS! When I’m of the age I literally cannot wait to learn how to drive.
    Lovely post!


  4. #1 is too cool!! I live in Northwest Arkansas which is really close to the area you lived in! Even though I’m not really a fan of either states haha. I think I’ve lived here too long.


    1. Haha yessssss. I would probably appreciate the US a lot more now since I’m 21, but it was a nightmare when I was 15. You need to move away from a place to realise how much you appreciate it. I had the same feelings about NZ, but moving to America made me realise how great it is here ha. Murphy’s Law.

      Liked by 1 person

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