Taking Stock #038

taking-stock Making :: I’m making notes on my course material. Guys, media law is no joke. There are so many what ifs and things that could go wrong when you hit that ‘publish’ button. It might have taken five years of blogging and one week of taking a law paper, but I’m finally realising how serious it could be. I mean, no one would go after a small fry blogger like me, but the thought of it is mildly terrifying.

Drinking :: Coffee. At 7:30pm. I hope you guys stick around. I think I’ll be awake until 1am. It’ll be a very productive night 😉 You know, watching a whole season of Mistresses in one night studying and stuff.

Reading :: I’m currently reading a whole tonne of books for my college papers, but I am reading something for fun! The book is called Share This, which is a book written by a whole boatload of different authors. Each chapter is written by a different person, which means that each chapter can be read as a standalone piece or you can jump around and it doesn’t matter. I love this type of book. The information tends to be a bit light, but you get introduced to a lot of really credible and knowledgeable people. I think it evens out 😉 I would definitely recommend this book for someone who is wanting to get a start in social media and needs an overview of everything!

Eating :: A ridiculous amount of chicken. Seriously. I think I have chicken in two out of three meals. I have a problem and I’m a fussy eater, which is also a problem. I mean, chicken can be cooked so many ways that it never gets boring.

Wishing :: I wish that someone would show up on my doorstep and give me a couple million dollars. I reckon that would be pretty neat. Does anyone happen to know a generous millionaire? 😉

Enjoying :: I may complain about them, but I’m really enjoying my course readings. It might make my brain hurt, but I actually like reading about law. It gets convoluted and frustrating, but I always feel accomplished when something finally clicks. That aha! moment makes the hours of cursing worth it 😉

Waiting :: I’m waiting for it to be an “okay hour” to go to bed. Ha. I’m trying to tell myself to have dinner before I get into bed, but I think the warmth and comfort of bed is winning the battle. Winter makes me appreciate my bed a lot more.

Wondering :: I’m wondering how much reading I can get done before my eyes decide to close. That’s not the hardest part. Do I want to read my course readings, my ‘for fun’ book or blog posts? Guys, I’m actually torn. I guess that’s a good sign 😉 Wanting to read a college textbook is an odd feeling.

Hoping :: I’m hoping that the weather plays ball tomorrow. I’m not keen for a lot of rain. I’m too scared to check the forecast, so I’m just going to live in blissful ignorance and hope for the best. How grown up of me 😉

Wearing :: I’m wearing pants I didn’t fit at the start of the year. TAKE THAT LIFE. I RULE. I was going to return these after I realised that they were too small, but I decided that I really liked them. I kept them. I’m incredibly happy that I did. It feels like I just punched life in the face.

Trying :: I’m trying to warm up my hands. Guys, do you know how hard it is to type when you can’t feel your hands? I swear they resemble popsicles more than hands right now.

Feeling :: Happy. So happy. I’ve been feeling like this for a while now and I sincerely hope it doesn’t go away. I like being happy.


4 thoughts on “Taking Stock #038

  1. Congratulations on the jeans, fingerless gloves may help with the frozen hands. I love chicken especially when its grilled.
    This was a great read and hope you will get some rest so you can retain all that you have read.


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