Taking Stock #037

taking-stock Making :: I’m making plans for blog posts! Angela inspired me with her blog planning, so I decided to give it a go myself! Believe it or not, but 90% of these posts have images created, are written, edited, and posted within the same hour or two. No scheduling goes on with my personal posts! The only time I EVER schedule posts is when I con bloggers into writing guest posts for me 😉

Drinking :: Coffee. I tweet about it a lot. Too much. How the heck am I going to limit my caffeine intake? Struggle is real. I have so much love for caffeine and anything coffee related.

Reading :: A boatload of blog posts. I was (and still am) bound and determined to catch up on the mega backlog before college starts on Monday AKA tomorrow. Eeep. The current count (as of 12.51am) is 345. That isn’t a small number. Good thing I like to read 😉

Eating :: Natural raspberry liquorice. I forgot how much I loved this stuff. Why does it always taste so much better at 1am? Everything does. Especially Subway sandwiches. Actually. I think Subway tastes good 100% of the time. It doesn’t matter what time of day you eat it. I swear they lace it with some sort of addictive drug…or maybe a cocktail of them all.

Wishing :: Part of me regrets drinking that coffee a couple of hours ago. Part of me also regrets eating that liquorice. Caffeine + sugar = one hyped up blogger. No bueno. My face will look something like this in the morning. Please picture my face as you read the rest of this post.

Enjoying :: My bed. I really, really like the fact that I can starfish without hitting someone in the face. It is one of the glorious perks of being single. I like it. Starfishing is probably in my top three favourite factors of staying single for a long, long time. It just doesn’t work when you have to share the bed with someone else. Whenever I’m dating someone I tend to curl up into a ball and stick to one square of the bed. What a catch 😉

Waiting :: I’m waiting for this sugar and caffeine to slow down so I can sleep. I think I might be regretting this in the morning…or soon. I’m starting to get hungry and seriously considering having first breakfast. First breakfast can be counted at 1.15am, right?

Wondering :: I’m wondering what my online paper will be like. I’m taking my very first 300 level paper and very first online paper this semester. It’ll be interesting. I mean, I live on my laptop 99% of the time anyway, so I imagine my life won’t be too different 😉

Hoping :: I’m still hoping that my car won’t implode. I’d say she is 99.9% fixed, but something still feels a bit off. It might have to do with the fact that it was going 40km/h up a mild slope. I could have jogged faster up that hill 😉 Still. I love her though. That car is my baby.

Wearing :: I’m currently wearing a hunting and fishing jumper that I stole from an ex…and pants that I stole from a different ex. Ha. I steal clothes from people that I like…and I never return them. #soznotsoz I am so warm right now.

Trying :: I’m trying to ignore my growling stomach and urge to fall asleep. I am so close to finishing this post. So close.

Feeling :: Sleepy. Finally. Hallelujah.


5 thoughts on “Taking Stock #037

  1. You can do it with the caffeine kick! I haven’t had caffeine in almost a month now! I was a starbucks junkie and now I hardly get it; when I do it’s decaf and a tall or grande, as opposed to the venti’s I would get. You can do! After a while you wont even notice it. good luck!!


    1. I’ve cut my three or four down to two a day! I’m slowly getting there. My aim is to have it down to one a day by the end of the month 🙂 Fingers crossed I can do it, because all this study and reading has me thinking, “Oh shit, it’s gonna be a loooooong night” already hahaha. Thanks love!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I feel your pain!! I was like that too, 3 drinks a day. I cut it all together. I’ll be honest I have a soda here or there when the headaches get strong cause I was dumb to drop it all at once. but I’ve been doing good so far. can’t imagine how much money I’ve saved already by not going so much lol


  2. I love my husband, but I miss having a bed to my self 😀 I am one of those sleepers that move around a lot and like to be stretched out. Sometimes my husband wants to cuddle and I’m just like GIVE ME SOME SPACE hahahah

    I’m trying to catch up on reading blogs too! Hope you are having a nice weekend.



    1. Hahaha I am totally that kind of sleeper! The other day I woke up and my friend/guy I’m sleeping with/partner person was all wrapped around me and I was just like NO, TOO HOT I’M TRAPPED SOMEONE SEND HELP. Had to very unsubtly untangle myself hahaha.

      God, I couldn’t catch up! I think bloggers post four times to every post that I actually get to read! It is INSANE.


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