Monthly Goals: July 2015

Once upon a time, I used to share my goals for the week/month/year on this blog. That is, until one day I realised that I wasn’t achieving as much as I had hoped. I began writing about how I had half achieved something or that I had run out of time for this, that, and the other. I became one of those people who would talk the talk, but couldn’t walk the walk. I read this article, and it suddenly made sense. I was getting the ‘false sense of accomplishment’ that Bethany talks about, so I tried something different.

I decided that I would start writing down my goals on an A4 sheet of paper instead. Well, turns out I am pretty dang motivated. I accomplished everything on my lists. It was great. I felt great. However, time would pass and I would forget about the goals or what I did to accomplish them. I want to remember what my goals are month-to-month and to document how they change. How am I supposed to do that if I lose the sheets of paper every second week?

I was considering bringing back my monthly goals when I stumbled across a post by Emily Kate. She had written down her goals for the month, and (surprise, surprise!) they’re quite similar to mine! Who would have thought? Seeing her post motivated me to share my own goals this month…and every month after that. I might be a little late to the game, but never say never 😉 Right?


There isn’t a ‘goal limit’ here, as I believe most of my goals will be relevant for every month. I will try to keep it slightly realistic though 🙂

1) Read a book. For fun. Try as I might, I still haven’t managed to finish reading a book during my semester break. Goodness knows how I’m going to accomplish this once college goes back, but I will find a way!

2) Walk 60km. This goal is fairly weather dependent…aaand considering New Zealand is currently battling winter it might be unattainable. I’ve walked 35.06km already this month, so I’m already over the halfway mark! How awesome is that? Please, please, please, give me one good week. Weather gods, are you listening to me?

3) Limit myself to one coffee a day. I know – shocker. This is coming from the person who could have coffee at any time of the day and for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’m a college student. What do you expect? That’s what I told my doctor, but she (and her medical student) ganged up on me and said that I would probably have fewer heart issues if I slowed my caffeine intake. Let’s see if the good doctors know what they’re talking about 😉

4) Go to all my college lectures/tutorials unless I’m struck down by lightning. I still have the habit of skipping the odd lecture/tutorial. No one notices a good 80% of the time and life goes on. Sometimes. I am bound and determined to break this habit. I have classes three days a week this semester. That isn’t too hard to do, right?

Your turn! What are some of your goals for the month?


12 thoughts on “Monthly Goals: July 2015

  1. first and most important goal : Get home! Secondly I would like to make myself at home again, get my car registered, continue my studies, make times for friends.. I feel like I’m starting life again to be honest


    1. Woah – close to 2L a day! Awesome 🙂 I need to drink a lot more water than I do now. I have a thing for green tea/natural fruit teas, so that counts, right? Haha. Just say yes, please don’t kill my happiness. Thanks doll! We got this! 🙂


  2. I can totally relate to this! I used to do my “Weekly Goals” posts too, and I didn’t accomplish anything! It was kind of disheartening, so I really loved this post! 🙂


    1. Right? I remember when you were sharing yours too! 🙂 Granted, I knew I wasn’t going to achieve some of my goals when I wrote them…which makes me question why I bothered hahaha. Here’s hoping that I can tackle these goals! 🙂

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  3. I’m so glad you’ve decided to start sharing your goals again! Sometimes I think it is really important to take a step back and think about what you want to achieve even if it’s only something small!
    And wow you’re from New Zealand, I’m going travelling there in a few weeks haha! X


    1. Yes! I 100% agree 🙂 I’m sure my goals will quickly switch to “Write 1,000 words for that essay due in two days.” Hahaha. Time will tell.
      Awesome! Where are you planning on visiting? (Auckland, Auckland, Auckland!) Subtle hint 😉


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