White Noise and Whale Songs

Can you believe that it has been two days since I last posted?

I came here prepared to apologise for my absence, but I think I’m going to skip that whole hurrah. This exam week is doing my head in. Clearly.

I sat my first exam yesterday…and it wasn’t my best. It could have gone worse, but it could have been a heck of a lot better, too. What’s worse is that it was my exam for public relations, which is my major. Isn’t it some unwritten rule that you nail the exams for your major? I think I missed that memo this year.

I’m quite disappointed with how I felt as I walked out of the exam room. Never have I ever felt so anxious and disheartened, and you’re talking to someone who took some serious management and marketing papers last year.


C’est la vie.

You should also know that there is no such thing as being “too prepared” for an exam. If you think you’ve done absolutely everything humanly possible to prepare for an exam – do a bit more. You’ve studied for five hours already? Take a walk for a half hour and come back to it. That time away from the desk/beach/bed will give you the breather that you need to gain a little clarity. Read  your notes ten or twenty times? Read them just once more. I can guarantee that you’ll find a new (and important) piece of information that you missed the first time(s) ’round.

So what’s this white noise and whale songs about?

White noise: That’s what you’ll be hearing for the rest of the week. (Probably). I have an open book exam on Thursday (praise the exam gods) to prepare for, so I’m writing practice essays and researching like a crazy lady. Who knew that Robert Chia had so much to say about how the phonetic alphabet influenced Western thought/civilisation? I didn’t. The article is doing my head in, but I think I’m starting to grasp the main points. The second essay I’m prepping for is all about alienation and technology in the workforce today. Is it more or less of an issue? Who knows? I haven’t made up my mind yet.

After my exams, I’m heading to my very first #brunchclub event in Auckland! I am so crazy nervous and excited. I’m also dying to sink my teeth into some french toast. Yum. After the brunch, I’m heading to Hamilton to celebrate my friend’s birthday and to see my father. It’s going to be a huge weekend, but I am so ready to get out of Auckland.

See guys?

do have some semblance of a life. Sometimes I just need to remind myself to get out and do something for me instead of doing stuff I should be doing for college or for this blog or for a friend. Don’t get me wrong, I love to do those things too, but sometimes I just need time to look after me.

Whale songs: I am listening to whale songs to help me fall asleep at night. I have been sleeping poorly for the last two weeks. I’m putting it down to stress of exams and end of semester, so hopefully it’ll all be over soon. I do quite like listening to whale songs though. They’re oddly relaxing.

Piece of advice: Don’t drink coffee before your exam. I did and it just made me even more wound up, anxious and nervous. It felt like my whole body (and brain) had been put on red alert and I was ready to bolt at a moments notice. I knew I should have listened to the doctor when he told me to cut my caffeine intake. It’s just too bad that I’m a college student and I am 90% coffee right now.

Sorry doc. It isn’t going to happen today…or tomorrow…or for the next two years (at least).


9 thoughts on “White Noise and Whale Songs

  1. Haha, coffee makes me feel so much more anxious before exams. So, I really try not to drink it beforehand.. but, if I have an early exam, I really cannot stop myself from having a few sips! Good luck on the rest of your exams girl 🙂


    1. Oh yes, I am 100% that person. I am (almost completely) useless before my first cup of coffee. I’ve been craving it less and less lately, so I’m just going with it. Ha. Never thought I’d say that. Thanks! Grades should be released soon (ish). I’m too scared to look haha.


    1. Seriously, it was the best idea. I slept like a (well sleep trained) baby each time I listened to whale songs. I stopped listening to them and I’ve gone back to sleeping awfully like a newborn. Think I need to reintroduce the whales into my life 😉

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