7 Things No Single Girl Wants (Or Needs) To Hear. Ever.

I’m perpetually single. I know this and you know this. In fact, I think that being single is awesome. Don’t get me wrong, I think that being in a relationship is great too, but there is nothing wrong with being single. We aren’t sad. We aren’t desperate, and (most of the time) we aren’t lonely. We aren’t a wounded cat that you have to bring into your house and feed up (although I wouldn’t mind being fed up on pizza and coffee).

I’m still relatively young. I’m a 20-something college student living in an absolutely massive city. I’m living my life. I’m not short on time to find “The One”. If he even exists. Despite the fact that I think being single is awesome and I am happy in my life, I have still gotten the typical phrases that are designed to “cheer us up” or call our singledom into light. Honestly, college is the one time that you should be 100% single and doing whoever whatever you want.

So give us “sad” single girls a chance, because we’re probably happier than you believe we are.


1. “You’re so lucky. I wish I was single.”

Solution: Break up with whoever you’re dating. I don’t know if you’re saying it for my benefit or not, but it sounds like you’re the unhappy one here. C’mon, cross over to the dark side of binge-watching TV programs and eating the whole pizza at midnight 😉

2. “It’ll happen when you least expect it.”

I’m sure I’d be a millionaire by now if I counted how many times I’ve heard this one before. It’s not like I’m going to walk down the beach and stumble upon a man built like a Greek god. (But I wouldn’t complain if I did).

3. “Hey, do you mind if I set you up with ___? He’s a really nice guy.”

I’ve heard this once or twice before from some old acquaintances. I bet you can figure out why we no longer talk 😉  I’m single by choice. No, I don’t want to be set up. No, I won’t be attending speed dating (even though I think that would be awesome and hilarious). I will “put myself out there” when I am ready to do so and not a minute before…unless this “really nice guy” is built like a Greek god. I might bend the rules under those circumstances 😉

4. “But whyyyyyyy?”

Please refer to above. I’m single by choice. I have a whole list of reasons why being single is awesome. Read them and maybe you’ll decide to follow in my footsteps (or maybe you won’t. That’s cool too). I like being able to leave my bedroom in a mess and have crumbs in my bed (not, ick!). I like being able to blog about a brilliant idea at 1am and not having to share the last piece of pizza/sushi/candy. I guess I’m a bit selfish 😉

5. “Well, now you can let yourself go.”

B*tch, please. How am I going to trick a man into dating me get a boyfriend if I look like a sad street urchin? Newsflash: I look like a street urchin more often than not lately. Damn this ‘study break’ and bordering on being ill again.

6. “I thought you were with ____?”

Yeah, well now I’m not. Gotta keep up, my friend. Nine times out of ten, the guy has been out of my life for a couple of weeks before a friend asks me that question. It has nothing to do with the fact that they don’t pay attention to what I say, and everything to do with the fact that I don’t like talking about casual flings.

7. “You do you, boo.”

I am. That’s the problem. I am more than capable of looking after myself. I can reach anything I like…Once I get a chair/climb onto the bench #dontneednoman 😉


29 thoughts on “7 Things No Single Girl Wants (Or Needs) To Hear. Ever.

  1. Haha, I definitely remember those.

    The only thing I ever liked to hear when I was single is “SWEET! Bar? Vacation? Girl Time?” from my friends who wanted to just embrace that I had more time for them.

    The worst one? “I don’t know how you manage!?” … what, like I’m broken?

    To be fair, I am behind the “happens when you least expect it” because in my experience that’s true, lol. There I was single by choice and BAM, man of my dreams. Que Sera Sera! great post 🙂



    1. Ha, gosh I wish I heard that one! Although the fact that I haven’t might be due to all my friends (myself included) being broke students hahaha.I’ve had that “managing” one before. If you look at me then you’d see that I am 100% fine. Ha. My number two is a bit tongue in cheek for a few of my friends. I actually did meet an incredibly nice man (while he was shirtless) on the beach ha. Don’t really want to write that for the whole blogosphere to see though 😉

      Thanks love!


  2. The only one I’m guilty of is never dying secret plans to set one of my sisters up with one of my favorite college buddies. Of course I’ve mentioned the evil secret plan to my sister (and my hopes that finally they’ll someday see how perfect they are for each other will only die when one of them starts dating)…but sisters have to have a few free passes, right? The “I wish I were single” one is just weird. I enjoyed being single but wishing away my husband? Creepy.


    1. I guess you’re allowed a pass or two 😉 Some people say weird stuff. I mean, I’ve definitely had that feeling in some of my relationships, but I guess that just means that I wasn’t in the right relationship. Eh, who knows? We all want what we can’t have and we don’t know what to do with it when we finally have it haha.


  3. Definitely the oh, but your’e (pretty , nice) etc is one I’ve heard. The other thing that I hate is when you finally do find someone and they are like – Oh, so when are you getting married or when are you having kids or so when you going to move in together ? I’m 27 and will be 28 next month and I am so tired of the above ones. It’s like let me live my life and it’s none of your business. Unfortunately whether you are single or dating , there are certain phrases we really don’t want to hear.


    1. Ah, I’m glad I’m only 21 in that case 😉 There’s always some sort of stereotype or scenario that we have to live into and I find it a bit ridiculous sometimes. I 100% agree with the “it’s none of your business” bit. Some people can be so pushy/nosy and it gets beyond rude.

      Sometimes I think it would be easier to escape to a foreign country where no one can speak my language/I can’t speak theirs haha.


  4. When I saw this on pinterest I was expecting pick up lines. I have probably said this to a single friend once and a while and I agree these definitely are the best things to say. I usually stick with Are you happy? And if they are, awesome! Great post!


    1. I wish they were pick up ones! Ha. I’ve only ever had one used on me before and it was damn awful. “Hey, wanna go halves in a baby?” Seriously. No. Haha. I wish I had enough pick up lines to create a whole post!

      That is probably the one thing I would actually want to hear…and 99% of people don’t ask. Ha. Ironic, really. Thanks love! Glad you liked it 🙂


  5. Wait until they start throwing your age into the dating issue and talking about marriage… like, I wish the previous generation would understand that our generation is in NO RUSH to get married and our goals changed from having a family to starting a career first! I absolutely hate it when they start comparing love lives of “other people your age”.


  6. “It will happen when you’ll least expect it”, this one deserves the award of the most annoying thing to be told ahahah.


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