My Goals for the Week #003

Study week is here! I have my first exam in fourteen days, so now is time to knuckle down and cram like there’s no tomorrow. I have books, notes, lecture slides and readings to go through before my public relations exam. I have a tonne of research to do for my second open book exam. You read that right. I can take in all my materials with me to one of my exams. How sweet is that? I have a love-hate relationship with college. This would be the ‘love’ side of it.

Goals for this week:

  1. Be in bed by 10.30pm. My sleeping schedule has been way out of whack lately, which means that I haven’t been waking up until 9am or later. It’s 11am right now and I’m still in bed. Today is a public holiday though, so it doesn’t count…Right?
  2. Avoid candy. I’m really trying with this healthy thing, but candy is my weakness. Isn’t it the same for everyone? I can’t go cold turkey on everything so I’m working on cutting things out bit by bit.
  3. Finish reading a book.still have some books from my library haul. I’m using some for study and research, but I’ve been sucked into a couple of really good ones. Am I complaining? Nope.
  4. Walk around the lake. There is a really nice walk around the lake by my house. It takes between an hour and an hour and a half to walk it, so I need to carve out a chunk of time to do it.

What are your goals? Let me know in the comments!


6 thoughts on “My Goals for the Week #003

      1. You’re very welcome! That’s not too bad lol at least you’re getting things done!

        I hope you do eventually get some rest though 😉


  1. It’s hard to go to be bed when you’ve got plenty to do and aren’t tired. Making a point to get up early each day will help you go to bed earlier. Is there something you can do each morning that you can hold yourself accountable for? Maybe exercise or a walk?

    I went through a phase of getting up around 6am and now I wake up naturally before my alarm. Being winter though, it’s easy to stay warm and cosy for a little while before actually getting up.


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