5 Reasons Why Relationships Are Awesome Too

Say what? The perpetually single girl is writing about why relationships are awesome. Is she even qualified to write about something like that? Believe it or not, but I have dipped my toes in the monogamous pool at one time or another. I drank the kool aid and it wasn’t too bad. Believe me when I say that college is the best and worst time to date someone.


Once upon a time, I was dating someone and I found out that it was awesome. That person turned into my boyfriend and it got even better. No words can describe how you feel when you think you’ve found your “person”. Have I ever thought that I’ve found the elusive “One”?

Well, no. I couldn’t see a future with any of the guys I had seriously (or not so seriously) dated. I had found someone who “got me” at that point in my life and could make me happy. I mean, isn’t that all we want? To be happy? If there’s someone out there that can make you laugh, will listen to your ‘the sky is falling down!’ stories, and remembers that you like Kahlúa in your coffee, then I think you’ve found a winner. Congratulations.

Someone is there for you.

If you’re having a bad day then someone is there to listen to you vent or help you see that you were the one being a twat. It is nice knowing that you are someone’s priority and that they want to see you happy. My absolute most favourite part about being in a relationship is getting in bed and just talking. Boring, huh? It was something that I took for granted when I was dating and I miss it. Quite a bit.

You get to discover their love language.

I believe that everyone has a different way of expressing their love for someone. My love language is physical touch. I don’t need gifts or extravagant trips to know how someone feels about me. All I want is for someone to be there and hold my hand. That’s it. However, my love language could be completely different to someone else’s, and that’s the exciting part about being in a relationship. You get to see what makes them tick and the method behind their madness actions.

You really get to know someone.

You can interpret this in whatever manner you want 😉 I, however, don’t have my mind in the gutter. A few of the people I dated knew exactly what I was thinking just by looking at me. It was pretty awesome. Once upon a time, I managed to have a conversation that was made up of grunts and weird noises. Both of us knew exactly what the other was talking about. It was brilliant. Relationships are awesome because you really, really ( 😉 ) get to know the other person.

You have someone to reach that super high shelf.

I’m a short-ass. It’s pretty safe to assume that I’m dating a freakishly tall person because they can reach things that I want.

You learn. A lot.

You learn a lot about yourself and what you’re like in a relationship. Shit. You learn how to compromise. You learn how to cook (sometimes). You learn how to put someone else first. You learn that sometimes you need to put yourself first and that it is okay.  You get introduced to large groups of people and memorize everyone’s name by the end of the afternoon. You learn which beer they like and which sports team they support. You also learn when to pick your battles.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being single. It is 100% where I need to be at the moment, but there is the odd moment of pining for a relationship. I’m only human. We’re designed to want to be around other people. There are more than five reasons why relationships are awesome, but I feel like that would just take forever and a day to write down.

Just don’t forget that being single, in a relationship, in a marriage, in a ‘friends with benefits’ situation, in an open relationship or in a fully fledged crazy fake relationship is awesome if it makes you happy. That is the only thing that should matter.


17 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Relationships Are Awesome Too

  1. I love thiiiiiiiiis!! I miss all of these great things 😦
    I gotta check out that 5 Love Language thing… I didn’t even know that existed but I think my language is also physical touch. I’m checking it out right now!


  2. Great insight! It’s so easy sometimes to have more knowledge on a subject from the outside looking in, but my favorite part is you still know where you stand in life and don’t let anything sway you from where you’re at in your journey.


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