My Goals for the Week #001

Once upon a time, I used to set goals for myself. It was really neat, but I got lazy. Incredibly lazy. It has been a month (or so) since I thought about challenging myself to get stuff done. Well, guess what is making a comeback 😉 Better late than never, right?


Goodness knows if I actually achieved any of those goals, so we’ll just start fresh. I seem to like doing that 😉 Wouldn’t want to change an unhealthy habit now, would we? This feature will still go in the same layout as the others (more or less). I’ll write up my goals and the week (or month, as it seems) later, I’ll tell you if I was successful before setting some new goals. Sounds like fun, right?

Let’s get this thing going!

  1. Work out. I got a trial of Kayla Itsines’ BBG and I fully intend on using it. Here I come bikini body 😉
  2. Email the study abroad coordinator. I think I’m ready to jump on that crazy train again.
  3. Attend every class. Living further away from campus definitely hasn’t done wonders for my motivation levels.
  4. Get to sleep at a decent hour. No more way past midnight blogging sessions. Ahem.
  5. Drink a bottle of water a day. Guys, I just like coffee too much. Is that really a bad thing?
  6. Send out my mail. I have a few cards and letters sitting around that are waiting to be written and sent. This is the week to do it.
  7. Get coffee/lunch with one of my friends. I’ve gotten into this weird habit of isolating myself from everyone at college, which, as it turns out, is really terrible for making (and keeping) friends.

Seven goals for seven days. Seems doable, no? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see 😉

Let me know if you have any goals of your own! It would be great if we could cheer each other on!


4 thoughts on “My Goals for the Week #001

    1. Gosh, I have only met a few people that hate coffee! You guys are like unicorns! Haha. One in a million. I think I just hate water because it’s tasteless, which is why I occasionally supplement with tea 😀 same thing – just tastes waaaaay better!


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