Taking Stock #032


Making :: I’m making plans for this month. It’s my father’s birthday in a couple of days and my mother’s birthday a couple of weeks after that. I’m trying to figure out what the heck I’m going to do for them while trying to manage my finances. You think that would be easy, but the fact that I’m a college student makes life infinitely harder.

Drinking :: I’m back on the coffee bandwagon! Ha. I found some great coffee that is infused with caramel flavour. Oh hey, caffeine high 😉

Reading :: I’m the worst at keeping up with my resolutions and I’m not reading anything. Ha. I had good intentions, right? I just got caught up with college work and life, so what I want to do and what I have to do gets a bit confused.

Eating :: I’ve been absolutely craving bacon and eggs, so I have been indulging a little more frequently than I should be. Who can deny bacon and eggs though? Only a crazy person. I would eat breakfast foods (bacon and waffles) for every meal if it was possible.

Wishing :: I sincerely wish that college would implement a second mid-semester break. I need one. Badly.

Enjoying :: I’m enjoying the weekend. Really enjoying the weekend. It’s my highlight of the whole week. I look forward to the weekend much more than a regular person does. Nothing is better than a lazy Saturday and a productive Sunday.

Waiting :: I’m waiting for my motivation to kick into gear so I can cook myself breakfast. I’m in that hungry-hangry space.

Wondering :: I’m wondering how long it would take for me to smash out some assignment research. I have to do a presentation tomorrow afternoon and I need to research a liiiiiiittle bit more before I go and talk to the class. I absolutely loathe public speaking in majority of its forms, but I especially hate it in this class. I just feel…intimidated.

Hoping :: I’m hoping, through sheer luck, that I don’t stumble my words and I can come up with some logical argument for my choices tomorrow. Here’s hoping that the woman who is really good at thinking on her feet decides to make an appearance.

Wearing :: Well, I’m still in bed, so I’m wearing my dressing gown ha. I swear I’ve been living in this thing lately. It is so fluffy and cuddly. I love it.

Trying :: I’m trying to stop staring at my ring. Ha. I got one specially made for my birthday and I finally picked it up yesterday. It is so sparklyyyyyyy. I’m obsessed.

Feeling :: I’m feeling better. Honestly. I was feeling so incredibly lost, but I think I’m slowly starting to find my way back.


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