Happy (Belated) Easter!

I am probably the only blogger in the whole world who didn’t manage to write a post about Easter during the long weekend. Oh, the shame. I’ve read a lot of Easter posts and it sounds like everyone had a great time! I’m still gonna say it though: Happy (belated) Easter! I was the child who hoarded my chocolate like a crazy person. I would be eating it for weeks afterwards. The Easter Bunny was my best friend when I was young.


I went to the beach to escape from the city for a bit, but it seemed like the whole city had the same idea. Ha. So much for an escape. I did manage to stay out the hustle and bustle of things, which probably made all the difference. I do love Auckland and the North Shore, but I also feel the need to escape and get out of the city sometimes. You know, the feeling is like one of those itches that just has to be scratched.

I spent my long weekend discovering new walking trails, playing with the dog, catching up on 200+ pages of college readings and eating copious amounts of hot cross buns. I think I would look like a hot cross bun if I ate any more of them. That, my friends, is how you know that you’ve done Easter right 😉 I’ve never been religious, so I’ve only had a massive sugar high and the occasional toothache every Easter weekend.

I hope you had an amazing weekend, however you celebrated it, and that your week continues to be full of chocolate and hot cross buns 😉


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