Taking Stock #031

Making :: Plans for the best birthday presents ever! I have one week to get them finished and I think I can do it! Hallelujah.

Drinking :: I’ve taken to drinking strawberry and rhubarb infused tea by Red Seal. I’ve been trying to limit my caffeine intake and this tea claims to be “naturally caffeine free” so it seems to be doing the trick! It tastes like sweet heaven in a cup. Seriously. My sugar cravings go poof! after having a cup of that tea.

Reading :: I’m actually reading the online newspaper. I feel like I’m way behind in the world, so I am trying hard to catch up. I also have two classes that ask about news events all the time and I’m sick of only knowing about one or two of them.

Eating :: I have been indulging in hot cross buns all weekend. I got here on Thursday and I can tell you that the dominant food in my diet has been hot cross buns. I don’t know if I should be ashamed or happy. It is Easter weekend after all 😉

Wishing :: That I could have an endless supply of hot cross buns…and banana bread. Yum.

Enjoying :: I’m enjoying being back home. I don’t know if you follow my Instagram at all, but I’ve posted a photo or two from my stay with my parents.

Waiting :: I heard my mum was going around offering people breakfast in bed, so I was waiting for that. One hour later and there hasn’t been any evidence of breakfast, so I think it’s about time that I gave up on it happening.

Wondering :: What I’m going to do for my 21st birthday. I keep saying that I’m going to do something on my birthday weekend, but I’m just not feeling it. Honestly. I don’t want to do anything. Why is that so hard to understand?

Hoping :: That some of the information from my lecture readings sinks into my brain. I’ve finished over one hundred and fifty pages, but I probably have another fifty to go. Ugh. Pro tip: Keep up with the readings if you want to keep your sanity.

Wearing :: My cuddly dressing gown. I swear I’m going to have this thing until I’m an old lady.

Trying :: To get motivated to get out of bed. Seriously. I’m just not feeling today. Ha. I did discover a cool walking trail a couple of days ago, so I’m determined to tackle it again!

Feeling :: Like I’m going to need a bucket load of coffee to conquer this day.


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