Looking Back on March 2015

I’m a blogger, so I should be writing about my life, right? The main reason I started this blog was so I could have a space to write down my thoughts and to remember what happened at specific points in my life. Well, I sure as hell don’t talk about my own life a lot, which is weird for someone who classifies themselves as a ‘personal blogger’.

I don’t have a perfect memory, so I really do need to bite the bullet and just ramble about my life a bit more. I mean, that’s the aim of the game, right?

Image via; Edited by me
Image via; Edited by me

March started out as a fantastic month. I had just moved to Auckland and I was getting settled into my new life. I was getting used to living away from home and having the responsibility of cooking for myself AKA having candy and coffee for meals. It was in the first week of March that I was told the house I was renting had been put on the market. That was definitely a shock to my system. I had moved to Auckland with the expectation of being in one place for at least nine months, and now I was facing the possibility of having to move all over again.

I started house hunting, which, as you know, is a bloody nightmare. I came across so many rules: no students, no people under the age of twenty-five, you must be employed, no parties, no friends staying the night, no noise after 9pm, minimal use of kitchen/lounge, etc. This list could go on forever. I was astounded by the amount of rules that some people had and they still expected someone to be interested in their place. That was when the month started to go downhill.

I started dating (again) in March, which prompted me to write another post about what it would be like to date me. March was a month full of foodie dates and talking for hours on end. I say that ‘I’m dating’, but I’m only seeing one person and it is someone I am quite fond of. He has a nice face…and body…and personality. He’s just an incredibly charismatic person that you want to talk to and be around all the time. I guess we’ll see how this one plays out. I’m trying to keep my cool 😉

Amidst the dating, I also got incredibly sick. I think I was sick for two and a half weeks, and I finally started feeling better at the beginning of the third week. It’s pretty safe to assume that my brain was pretty scrambled from that illness. One of my lecturers commented on my illness affecting my work, so I can only assume that he read the report I handed in. Ha. Whoops. I don’t know if my brain was scrambled from the illness or from all the candy and TV series that I had consumed over those weeks. My college decided that I needed to hand in three more assignments throughout March, so I hope all of them weren’t as scrambled as the first one. Time (and grades) will tell.

I went back to my parent’s house for my stepfather’s birthday! There was candy, food, copious amounts of alcohol, and incredibly loud children for the whole weekend. It was glorious. I got absolutely no work done. It was glorious. A friend of mine is born on the same day, so I was there for his birthday as well. It was pretty neat you know, despite the illness thing. I also went back to Hamilton for a 21st birthday party, which was awesome. It was so good to see everyone. It made me realise that people really do make a place so much better. My heart was happy after seeing all of them.

Last but not least, I found a house. I looked at a place at the beginning of March, and it was beautiful. I was smitten. It turns out that the room got stolen from me by another couple. C’est la vie. I kept looking. I found a new place and I was all set to move in, but I got a weird feeling and I asked to delay the move by a couple of weeks. They agreed and life continued. Two days after I got that sorted, I received a message from the head tenant of the house I had fallen in love with. The room was mine if I wanted it. Hell yes, I wanted it. I went to look at the house at the start of the week and I just got the tenancy agreement delivered to my inbox. I’m one happy girl.

All in all, March was filled with incredible highs and lows, a lot of what the hell am I doing? moments and fun, and just a touch of utter confusion and pure joy. You know what? I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It is scary as hell to move to a new city by yourself, but it is so rewarding at the same time. I’m learning more about myself and about my country as a result. So bring it on April, because I’m ready for ya.


12 thoughts on “Looking Back on March 2015

  1. That sounds so nice, especially the dating 🙂 Time will tell how things go. But dating is definitely nice when you have found someone you enjoy spending time with 🙂 Also congratulations on the house!!


    1. Dating is weird and I love it haha. I think I could just date people for the rest of my life and never really ‘settle down’. Thanks! The house is beautiful and I’m 100% smitten. Ha. This is the house I would want to live in for a long, long time 😀


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