Weekly Wishes #007

Well, this post is a little…late. Whoops 😉 The last two weeks have been absolute hell. I had four assignments looming over my head and every time my favourite (AKA attractive as hell) lecturer asked me how I was going, all I could really say was: “Those doom clouds are still hovering over my head.” They were still are. I’ve already gotten the grade for my PR campaign back, but I won’t relax until I get the other three back, too. This is also the last week (two days) before I go on my mid-semester break, so I’m doing my best to stay awake during lectures.

It’s no secret that I participate in ‘Weekly Wishes‘ which is a link up hosted by Melyssa! It’s a place where you can write what you want to achieve during the week/month/quarter/six months or year! It’s a great place to be held accountable and to encourage other people to set and accomplish their own goals!



  1. Go explore another place. Yes! I started going for walks around my neighbourhood and I stumbled across a beach. I love this place.
  2. Finish my News Media Processes assignment. Ha. Oh, this actually happened. Hallelujah.
  3. Have one part of my assignment about future work finished by Sunday. This one, however, ha. Nope. Not even close. I think I “finished” it twenty minutes after the submission time. Whoopsie. It was a piece of shite and I’m going to be lucky to even pass. This assignment is the doom cloud I keep referring to.
  4. Buy a multi plug, extension cord, and fan. This happened! I decided that I didn’t need a fan because it was heading into autumn, but I did get an extension cord and multi plug! Lifesavers.
  5. Drink a bottle of water a day. This almost happened. There was one day when I was sleeping for 99% of the day, so I didn’t drink as much as I should have. The shame.
  6. Attend every compulsory class for the rest of the week. This happened too! Hallelujah for so many optional tutorials 😉
  7. Make an effort with my appearance. This happened! TWICE. I actually made an effort for class and I went out on a date. Winner!


  1. Attend every class I have for the rest of this week. I say ‘the rest of this week’ because I realised that we were critiquing assignments yesterday and that is something that makes me super uncomfortable, so I made an excuse and left. Ha. Model college student right here 😉
  2. Catch up on my readings for one of my papers. I just realised that I’m 200+ pages behind in my current readings for one paper. How the hell did that happen?! What? A lot of my free time is going to be dedicated to reading and writing notes and trying not to throw my MacBook out the window.
  3. Pack all my unnecessary stuff. Well, it turns out that the original house I liked has a spare room, so I’m moving in the complete opposite direction! I’m moving to Silverdale. It seems like a really nice area and the house is brand new. Like sparkling. It is beautiful. The move in date is still up in the air, but I need to take some stuff back to my parent’s house.
  4. Go for three walks/runs. I like exercising. Surprise, surprise. I’ve taken to walking around my neighbourhood and my mum has a treadmill in the garage, so I really don’t have an excuse.
  5. Eat proper meals. I have taken to eating a lot of candy and I think the sugar is finally starting to affect my mouth…and stomach…and ass. Ha. I believe I had candy, peanut butter on cruskits, and coffee for lunch yesterday. I wish I was kidding. I really need to get my diet back up to scratch.



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