A Letter to My Teddy Bears.

ode-to-my-teddybears-blogpost-wordpress-little-misadventuresI’m a 20-something that still carries around teddy bears. I’m not ashamed to admit that. I got both of them when I was born, so they are pretty special to me. They have been to every new place that I have travelled to. They have been with me through all my sickness and hospital trips. They have been with me through new relationships and the occasional heartbreak. They are something that I treasure and I plan on passing them on to my own children when the time comes.

I remember kissing the nose of my teddy bear so much that I eventually wore through the fabric. I remember squeezing this teddy bear to my chest when I felt like my heart was going to float away. I can remember carefully placing him on my bed every night when I was little. One thing I cannot remember is how many tears have stained his little body over the years.

I have another teddy bear that isn’t much bigger than my hand. She used to be bright pink and smell of strawberries. I got her when I was one year old. I friggin’ loved that thing to death. I called her ‘Strawberry Bear’ and I would carry her around wherever I went. Most kids wanted a pacifier or a bottle so they could go to sleep, but all I wanted was my teddy bear. I loved her so hard that her fur eventually turned from bright pink to soft pink to white. Her strawberry smell has faded away after all these years and her dress may be torn and tattered, but she’s still my teddy bear.

I can still remember the day that my sister’s puppy got a hold of her. I screamed and pulled her out of the dog’s mouth. Unfortunately, the dog got to keep my teddy bear’s ear…for a while. I can remember my mother sewing the ear on two times when I was little. I decided that I could do my own repairs as I grew up, so now she’s chequered with purple material to hold in her stuffing. She is one loved teddy bear.

If you were born in the nineties then I’m sure you sung this song once or twice. I’m listening to the song as I write this and it is bringing back a million memories from my childhood. I believe I even went to a teddy bears picnic when I was a wee lass.

So, why have I dedicated an entire four hundred words (and counting) to my teddy bears?

I had a real estate agent walk through my room the other day and she happened to comment on the fact that I had them sitting on my bed. The way that she said it made me feel ashamed and like I shouldn’t have them now that I’m “all grown up”. Well, I call bull. I’m sure there will be one day that I want to put them in a cupboard or that they’ll live in the spare room, but today is not that day and tomorrow probably won’t be that day either.

Do any of you have a teddy bear, an old book or a toy that you just can’t part with? Let me know so I feel like less of a crazy person.


20 thoughts on “A Letter to My Teddy Bears.

  1. Oh my gosh, I just randomly started singing “teddy bears picnic” the other day and my husband thought I had gone crazy, lol! I have a few stuffed animals from my childhood that still hold a special place in my heart. Love this post.

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  2. I was always a stuffed animal girl over barbies/dolls! All of mine from growing up are at home boxed away, mostly because they are in delicate condition. My Mom gave me a stuffed kitty one valentine’s while I was in college so now I hold to that here and it does sit on my bed along with a stuffed dog my boyfriend got me. Honestly, you make me feel so much better about having them and cuddling with them when I sleep! Now I know I’m really not the only one!


    1. Oh, I loved barbie dolls just as much! Haha I’ve lost count with how many dolls I had in my lifetime! Haha yes, I definitely give them a good cuddle every now and then. Much better than humans 😉 No one is farting or sleep talking or hitting you in the middle of the night 😉


  3. OH MY GOD. What is your email?? I need to send you a picture of my teddy- he looks almost the exact same but smaller and I have NEVER seen another best like him!!! 😍😍😍 lol (seriously been looking for 21 years so sorry for freaking out but it’s just too weird haha)


    1. Yay! That is awesome 🙂 I’m probably going to have a little shelf for my two teddy bears one day 🙂 We had Cyclone Pam pass close to NZ last night, so I spent the night cuddling one of them haha. So much better than a male 😉 no one steals the blankets or aggressively rolls over in the middle of the night!


  4. This was such a great post. The amount of stories I could tell you about my teddies! I had quite a few when I was younger and I used to line them all up on the side of my bed. I would pretend I had tea parties or just generally fuss over them. In many ways I was an only child, there’s a 14 year age gap in my family and I’m the youngest! So I took great pride in my possessions, they’re nearly all as good as new in storage. I’ll never get rid of them. They’ve been with my everywhere – mainly hospital trips and travelling in the car, even mass!!


    1. Haha I think everyone has had tea parties with their teddies! (Well, I know i have!). That is so awesome! I took my teddies with me when we moved to America and everything. There is no way in heck I’m getting rid of them now!


  5. I did! I totally know how you feel– my animal of choice, however, was not a teddy bear but instead, a small unicorn I named “White Horsey.” Like your teddy bear’s nose, her tail was eventually worn away because it was so smooth and I pretty much stroked it to death. I still have her, and just the smell of her does bring memories flooding back… and, like you I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of her or put her away (:


    1. Oh, that is so cute! Ha. I think you’d get along with my sister. She friggin’ loved unicorns to death. I ended up buying her a unicorn pillow pet for Christmas 😉 Right?! I don’t know how some people can just give them away. It’s like I’m giving away a huge part of my childhood memories! It just doesn’t feel right.


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