Weekly Wishes #006

Happy Tuesday everyone! I always seem to say that last week was pretty rocky, but I’m sure that this week will be better. I’m ever the optimist, and there always seems to be something to bring me back down to reality. This week it’s the fact that my current living situation is definitely not permanent and that I have some sort of flu. Yesterday, I woke up to a blocked up nose, a nasty cough and a headache the size of Texas. I’m feeling better now (knock on wood), so hopefully I start getting better too!

It’s no secret that I participate in ‘Weekly Wishes‘ which is a link up hosted by Melyssa! It’s a place where you can write what you want to achieve during the week/month/quarter/six months or year! It’s a great place to be held accountable and to encourage other people to set and accomplish their own goals!




  1. Blog four times this week. Fail. Blogging was the last thing on my mind after I started feeling sick. Life just caught up with me and I found that my whole ‘online life’ was put on the back burner.
  2. Go explore a new place. Done! I went out to dinner with a friend and he took me to a part of Auckland that I had never ventured into before. Takapuna. Believe it or not, but I live about 10km from that place and I hadn’t been there before that night. Ha. I also went exploring different parks around Albany and I think I found one that I like 🙂
  3. Attend all my classes/tutorials. Well, fail. I skipped one “lecture” if you can really call it that. It was a film screening with no course related content before or afterwards. I figured that I had better things to do with my time (like drive home) than sit there for two hours to watch a movie I could see at home.
  4. Get off the internet by 10pm. Fail. I was really good for four nights, but I got sloppy and forgot about it. I really forgot about it the night that I was on FaceTime with my friend. Ha. Whoopsie.
  5. Talk to someone every day.  Yes. Believe it or not, but I think this happened. Thanks for my many “forced interaction” type classes, I got to talk to someone new every day. It was actually kind of nice. I’m beginning to figure out that most of New Zealand is really great at stereotyping Aucklanders.
  6. Read the consultant reports…and write notes about them. Fail. I’ve read two of them and made really comprehensive notes about them, but I was feeling quite ill by the time I tried to read the McKinsey report. Whoops.
  7. Start planning birthday presents for people. Yeah, nope. Bad friend.


  1. Go explore another place. I might be moving soon, so I want to go explore the place that I could be calling my new stomping ground!
  2. Finish my News Media Processes assignment. They’re short answer questions. I should be able to have a draft done by Sunday afternoon.
  3. Have one part of my assignment about future work finished by Sunday. This one is a bit more research intensive and it’s starting to freak me out. Just a little.
  4. Buy a multi plug, extension cord, and fan. I keep telling myself that they aren’t necessary, but my room currently feels like a sauna. They’re necessary. I’m melting.
  5. Drink a bottle of water a day. I’m really bad at this “being healthy” thing, so I thought I would just start with drinking water. That’s easy enough, right?
  6. Attend every compulsory class for the rest of the week. I’m in college. There are some classes that I want to attend and some…well, less so. Note that I said compulsory because three hours of every week are totally optional and marks won’t be deducted if I don’t show up 😉 Score!
  7. Make an effort with my appearance. Just once. Faking it ’til I make it might be the best bet I have this week.



6 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #006

  1. Hi Kendel,
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I loved reading your weekly goals – you made me giggle on some of them! 🙂 Exploring a new place sounds like a lot of fun – I’m all about that kind of stuff! xo


    1. Glad I could make you laugh! 🙂 Some of them are pretty simple goals, but I like simple. I think that’s all I need at the moment 🙂 Exploring is the best! I love getting to know my area of the city a little better 🙂


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