Fancy a Date: Part Three

Dating is a weird thing. How long should you date someone until you become ‘official’? Do you keep dating your partner when you’re official or does all the romance stop dead in its tracks? How much do you really know about the person that you’re seeing?

Personally, I’ve never really made it past the initial dating stages of a relationship. Does that make my feelings any less significant? No – it doesn’t. I’ve had a friend say that she didn’t want to ask me for relationship advice because “I wouldn’t get it”. It really hurt because the advice she was after was about being in love. Believe it or not, but I have fallen in love before. The fact about us being together now is neither here nor there. Enough about that, let’s move onto what it would be like to date me!

Okay, now I’m assuming we’ve gotten past the feint and run stage of the relationship and we’ve had the awesome floaty sex stage. If anyone has done their research then they would know that the female brain releases huge levels of oxytocin, which is the “cuddle hormone” and it can lead to us falling in love with whoever we’re sleeping with. Males, on the other hand, release huge levels of dopamine, which is the key pleasure hormone and means that they just turn into a walking hard on. I’m not immune to all the oxytocin floating around, but it takes me a while to really fall for someone.


I will be there for you.

It’s a given that I will be there whenever and wherever you need me. That doesn’t mean that I’ll jump at your every beck and call, but I will be there when I’m the only person you need. I am one of the most loyal people and I will defend you to the very ends of the Earth if that’s what it comes down to.

I don’t get jealous easily.

I will probably be the first person to admit that your ex was a babe or that you have a beautiful friend. I honestly don’t care. The way I see it is that you’re with me when you’re with me. You could have chosen to be with someone else, but here you are. All I ask is that you don’t rub it in my face when we’re together.

I still respect your space.

It is a very rare person that makes me want to be around them all the time…and even then I find that I need some breathing room. I’m not going to show up uninvited or unannounced because I would probably pitch a fit if you did that to me. If you respect me at all then you will leave me alone when I say that I want to be alone. You haven’t done anything wrong. I’m just one of those weirdos who need a little ‘alone time’ so I can deal with the rest of the world.

Sometimes I just need a cuddle.

I said that I can only cuddle for five or ten minutes at the most, but sometimes that’s all I want. I’m not as sexual as everyone believes me to be. Honestly. I mean, I’m definitely all for it, but there are times when I would like to keep my clothes on.

I don’t have time for bullshit.

I have all the time in the world for you, whether I’ve known you for a week, a month or a year. However, that all changes as soon as I smell a rat or I get tired of your games. I don’t appreciate people talking in circles and avoiding a topic. I don’t appreciate people playing me for a fool. You might get me for a moment, but that will definitely be the last time you do so. Everything ends as soon as you cross me. I might sound like a bitch, but I have no problem with cutting people out of my life.

I remember everything.

This links to the one above. If you cross me then you would have to be super special to get a second chance. I don’t hand those out lightly. In fact, I don’t think I have ever given someone that famous “second chance”. There are your odds. They definitely aren’t in your favour. That being said, I remember all the good things too. I remember what you tell me and I remember how you make me feel.

I don’t ask for much.

I don’t need some extravagant gesture that shows how much you care for me. I don’t need to be surrounded by things that prove how much you care. Things are nice, but I prefer your presence to anything that you could get me. Just holding my hand makes me feel like a million bucks, so if you want to show me how much you care then just give my hand a squeeze. I’ll know.

I’m possibly the worst gift giver in your life.

It’s true. Once upon a time, I happened to be seeing a boy around Christmas time. Want to know what I got him? A bottle of wine and a piece of paper that said something far too sexual for the internet. If you’re smart then you would have realised that the wine was probably a lead-on to the “something far too sexual”. I’m only realising now that the bottle of wine was more for me than him. See? Bad gift giver. If you want something from me then you’re going to have to tell me…unless you’re into my type of gift.

…And I will love you. Fiercely.


11 thoughts on “Fancy a Date: Part Three

      1. I hate malls too. Ewww. I buy most stuff online. Best buys are commissions. Something awesome about getting something made especially for someone. Takes a little planning though (that’s what Pinterest is for).


  1. I’m terrible at giving gifts. I have the ideas but I can never follow them through. I am really bad and do expect gifts back, well not gifts but a card since that’s the only time i ever get him to say what he really feels


  2. Except for gift giving and cutting people off, I’m all of the other things! High five! However at 28 and single, I’m trying to ‘ask for more’. Comparing myself as the chill low-demand girl vs the girlyfriends who are high-maintenance, those girls almost always have boyfriends or suitors – versus single me. Those girls seem to be on to something! Apparently guys like to have to work for you and LEARN to give you what you need to make you happy? It’s a little counterintuitive as I’d rather hang out with someone fun than someone always making me work it… but hey. I’ll try a different route.


    1. Woo for all the other things! I’m not alone in my dating habits! Hooray. I have absolutely no idea what males want, so it’s nothing short of a miracle when I find one that actually wants to date me! Ha. No one asks me for advice about dating because they know that I’m the permanently single one! Hopefully one way or the other works for you! You’ll have to write and give me an update so I know which approach to take in the future 😉


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