Weekly Wishes #005

Happy Monday everyone! Yes, I may be posting this at the tail end of the day, but it still counts. I believe I also missed a week of goal setting. Opps. Last week was the week from hell that I don’t want to get into right now. You’ll just have to trust me on that one. It just means that this week has to be super awesome, right? I’m sick at the moment, so it’s already starting off a little rocky, but I’m sure it’ll get better.

It’s no secret that I participate in ‘Weekly Wishes‘ which is a link up hosted by Melyssa! It’s a place where you can write what you want to achieve during the week/month/quarter/six months or year! It’s a great place to be held accountable and to encourage other people to set and accomplish their own goals!



  1. Create that damn budget. Done! I’ve figured out that I need four figures to survive in this city every month. Surprised? No. I think I was only $100 out from what my original guesstimation was, so I’m pretty proud of myself. Of course, that number will be revised after a full month of actually living in Auckland, but I don’t think I’ll be too far off 🙂
  2. Clean my car. Kinda. Yes. I mean, it rained before I left. Does that count? I did manage to vacuum the inside of my car though.
  3. Drop off my old clothes. Ha. Fail. I don’t even want to think about it.
  4. Continue with my strength workouts and include HIIT. Refer to above.
  5. Create meal plans. Really refer to above.
  6. Make an effort. YES! Hallelujah. I’m sure this was the week of Valentine’s and I actually made an effort with my appearance for one! That effort was largely helped by my new wardrobe 😉


  1. Blog four times this week. Yes, this post does count. Do I know what I’m going to write for the other three? Hell no. Am I bothered by this fact? Well, a little bit actually. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.
  2. Go explore a new place. Last week I was stressed from moving and family issues and I’m ill at the moment, but I’m determined to make it happen!
  3. Attend all my classes/tutorials. You know, except the one I missed today. I had a bad track record of attending the first couple of weeks of lectures and then coming up with every excuse under the sun to not attend them. I don’t want that to happen this time.
  4. Get off the internet by 10pm. I feel like I’m too connected…if there is such a thing, and I want it to stop. So, it’s pretty obvious. I’ll be disabling the wifi on my phone and laptop at 10pm every day. That way I can either focus on doing some late night studying or I can read an e-book uninterrupted.
  5. Talk to someone every day. I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who could not talk to anyone for a week and I would feel perfectly fine. I feel like that isn’t really conductive to making friends in a new town, so I’m forcing myself  (I guess) to make new connections. Goals, right?
  6. Read the consultant reports…and write notes about them. I have an assignment about technology and the future of work due in three(ish) weeks, and we’ve been given three reports as part of our major research material. Each of these reports are at least twenty-five pages long. I don’t know about you, but a little part of me died inside.
  7. Start planning birthday presents for people. I’m attending two twenty-first birthday parties in the next month, so I really need to get my ass into gear. Spoiler alert: I suck at the present thing. (Luckily for me, I’m 90% sure my friends are well aware of this fact).



12 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #005

      1. For the past few years, I’ve realised that gifting alcohol has many benefits: it’s easy to find, not too expensive, always appreciated and more often than not, shared with you! 😄


    1. Thanks petal! Is it bad if I’m also horrible at picking cards? Hahaha. God. Yes. It is. I’m trying to get off the internet but boy, I didn’t know how addicted I was! So hard. Good luck with your goals as well! 🙂


    1. It is so hard, especially being a blogger in a different hemisphere haha. So many different time zones to think about! Gah. Fingers crossed I accomplish everything I need to this week 🙂 Happy Monday to you too! 🙂


  1. Disabling the wifi on your phone and laptop at 10pm. I need to do that. One of my goals is shutting down my computer by 10:45…but then I am not counting my phone in on that. I’m totally cheating.
    You have a better plan!


    1. Yeah, I thought about turning off my devices at ten, but I don’t think that is 100% achievable for me…because I’m addicted to technology haha. Phones totally don’t count 😉 Cheating? What is that? 😉 Good luck with your goals! 🙂


  2. I love your goal of getting off the Internet by 10pm every night! Now that I’m building a copywriting business and blogging again, I’m so hyperconnected. I need to relax and give my brain a break. I also feel you on talking to someone every day. If I didn’t live with my boyfriend, I’d probably end up going days without leaving my house and talking to people in real life. Good luck with your goals this week!


    1. Haha I TRIED the internet thing, but I discovered that I’m too much of a typical blogger/college student, so it didn’t really happen! Maybe I’ll push it out to 11pm because that’s a bit more realistic for me 😉 That’s my theory as well! If I didn’t live with so many flatmates then I would probably go a good day or three before I talked to a person in “real life”. Thanks! 🙂


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