Weekly Wishes #004

Happy Tuesday everyone! The last week has definitely been a roller coaster of ups, downs and frustrating moments. Thank goodness for finally being done with that! This week can only be better, right? 😉 Here’s hoping. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a miracle or two. They would be more than welcome this week.

I decided to participate in Weekly Wishes, which is a link up hosted by Melyssa! It’s a place where you can write what you want to achieve during the week/month/quarter/six months or year! It’s a great place to be held accountable and to encourage other people to set and accomplish their own goals!


My car is still at the mechanics and the parts still haven’t been delivered. Ugh. I’m well aware that my car has only been there since Friday, but I miss my baby and I miss my freedom. Soon I’ll have so much that I won’t know what to do with myself.


  1. Drop my clothes off at the op-shop. Fail! I had planned to do this on Friday after taking my car to the mechanics, but that plan was cancelled when I was forbidden to drive my car again. Boo.
  2. Finish purging my room of any non-essential things. Done! Hooray! I can look around and honestly say that my “clutter” is useful or has sentimental value. Thank goodness.
  3. Clean my car; inside and out. Fail! I had planned on doing this on Saturday, but again, that plan was cancelled when the mechanics took my car away from me.
  4. Figure out what to do with my second blog. Done! I decided to make it private. I may or may not make it public again, but I’m happy keeping it private for the moment.
  5. Pack my things. Done! I have a suitcase full of clothes and other bigger items all scattered around my sister’s bedroom. Luckily for me, she doesn’t live at home anymore, so I can use her room for whatever I want 😉
  6. Exercise. Yes! I’ve figured out that I’m not too fond of cardio (at the moment), so I’ve been focussing on strength workouts.
  7. Create a monthly budget. Fail! Ha. I had a rough one drawn up when I was looking for houses, so it’s just a matter of adjusting that one. Hopefully I can get it done this week.
  8. Apply for a student ID (if the loan goes through). Done! I applied for it and sent in the accompanying documents! Hooray. It got approved over the weekend, so I should be able to pick it up from my university sometime in the near future!
  9. Get a haircut. Done! Not only did I get a haircut, but I got my eyebrows waxed and tinted as with my eyelashes. Woohoo!


  1. Create that damn budget. I will get it done if it kills me.
  2. Clean my car. I feel really, really sorry for my baby. She deserves a clean after all of this. Gah.
  3. Drop off my old clothes. I’m determined that this is going to happen. I don’t want them to sit in my room and gather dust when someone else could be using them.
  4. Continue with my strength workouts and include HIIT. Health is wealth.
  5. Create meal plans. I’m a fairly lazy cook if I don’t have things planned out. Planning meals always makes it 1000 times easier in the supermarket. I’m down for making anything easier.
  6. Make an effort. I’ve become really lazy when it comes to my ‘look’. Ha. I still think ‘eh’ despite having my hair cut, getting my brows/lashes done and having new clothes. Ha. I’m determined to put an effort into my appearance at least once this week.



8 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #004

  1. Can I just say that I just love that you posted Weekly Wishes on a Tuesday lol. I just finished uploading my weekly wishes and mentioning how I’m hard on my self for not sticking to Mondays. Then I come over to post on your blog and the first thing I see is “Happy Tuesday” lol. Love it. I think it’s great how much you got done last week! As for car repairs – there never fun, and you right your baby does deserve a cleaning. Which reminds me so does mine but I have to wait as the weather is FREEZING this week which wouldn’t be good for her. Have a wonderful week and can’t wait to see how you do 🙂


    1. My week just gets to run a day longer 😉 Nothing wrong with that! Haha. Plus being in the Southern Hemisphere + trying to move leaves me at a disadvantage when it comes to linkups with people in the Northern Hemisphere haha.

      Oooh, hope you achieve your goals as well! 🙂 I’ll be sure to check back on your site as well!


    1. Right?! Haha. I always have a mental ‘to do list’ in my head, but it never reallllly gets done. I like this linkup because it holds me accountable for something! I’m editing my budget as I type this….and I’m getting more and more depressed by the second! Ha. College life.


    2. I’m realizing more and more that writing things down is a must! lol I’ve noticed that it even gives me a sense of security that even if I forget it will be written somewhere.


  2. I’m on the same boat! I finally cleaned out my closet, but I have the bags still in my car waiting to be dropped off. I think that first thing to a successful budget is just writing all of your expenses down. What helped the most was taking out some cash and only spending that for the week. It’s so hard!


    1. I’ve gotten rid of most of my stuff! It’s just the lack of transport that is putting a bit of a wash on some of my goals haha. It will happen! Ah yes, I have vague estimates of what I’ll be spending now, but it won’t really be finalised until after the first month of being there! I love my money, so I want to know exactly where it’s going haha I also don’t really spend on random items, so I tend to be a bit of a boring spender as well 😉 Responsible and all that 😉


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