The Valentine’s Day Blogmopolitan Quiz!

I have been waiting and waiting for Erin to come out with another quiz and she finally has! Hallelujah! Just in time for Valentine’s Day, so we can unleash all the mushy, romantic feelings we have 😉 I say this is perfectly timed!

If you wanna go and see Erin’s answers (and download your own quiz) then click here to join in the fun!

The Blogmopolitan Quiz VDay (1)I hope your Valentine’s Day is full of fun, surprises, and romantic moments! Remember: You can always treat yourself as well! Valentine’s Day is a day for everyone! Enjoy it!



10 thoughts on “The Valentine’s Day Blogmopolitan Quiz!

    1. Yes they are! Haha I swear neck kisses are my absolute weakness! I did 🙂 Me and a friend went to the beach and got breakfast together in the morning then we got pizza and watched a movie that night 🙂 It was really lovely.


  1. Hi Kendel! Reading from the linkup. I love the sweet act of leaving a rose on your pillow! Such a romantic act! And yes, crazy as it may sound, it always is such happy risk to fall in love anyway! Haha! Nice post!


    1. It really was the cutest thing to wake up to! I’ve never really “celebrated” Valentine’s Day before, but I think I can finally say that I have 🙂 Haha. It seems a bit odd in the context of the quiz, but I started dating and fell in love with a French guy who was in the country for a year. That’s what I meant by “fall in love anyway” haha 😀 Thanks!


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