The Non-Blogmopolitan Quiz!

So, I was looking around on the internet (as you do) and I stumbled across The Non-Blogmopolitan Quiz that Erin created! I love participating in the Blogmopolitan quiz that she creates, so I thought that I would try this one! I had such a good time answering the questions that all of you should definitely do it too!


Refuse to do for the rest of your life:  Turn/drive without indicating. It isn’t hard. All you have to do if flick the lever up or down depending on which direction you’re turning. The amount of people who haven’t indicated then cut right in front of me this summer has been absolutely ridiculous. I’m the type of driver who yells at people. I don’t use the horn because I think it’s too girly. I almost lost my voice at one point.

Always do forever: Like Erin, I think I will always play with my hair. It’s so luscious and long that I can’t help but play with it. A lot of men think I’m flirting with them, but that is definitely not the case. I’m sorry. You have to rethink all the flirting ‘rules’ that you know.


Certifiably disgusting: The smell that occurs when de-horning calves. Oh my, wow. It is something out of this world. I’m gagging just thinking of it. Ew.


Absolutely amazing: Naps. I seem to be taking a lot of them lately and I’m not hating it. Naps are power. Babies definitely have their priorities right. You know, the ones who actually nap like a pro.


Feel on top of the world: “Your writing is beautiful.” Believe it or not, but I don’t pay attention to compliments about my appearance. Ha. I mean, it is nice to know that someone thinks that you look beautiful, but my world doesn’t revolve around whether or not I look ‘beautiful’ on a particular day. My writing, however, is something that I am very protective about.

Pretty upset: “You did that? Wow!” I hate it when people underestimate me. It happens a lot thanks to my height/baby face/general body shape, but I know I can’t help that. It just bothers me when people assume that I cannot/will not be able to do something.


Hate: Dorothy. All I can think is “Follow the yellow brick road” as soon as I hear that name. Sorry to anyone with that name, but I mildly dislike it.

Love: Kayleigh. I’m going to sound like an absolute nut job (surprise, surprise), but I had a dream that I had a daughter called Kayleigh. I have been in love with that name ever since.


Know is entirely false: That I have no feelings. I know they say this as an absolute joke, but sometimes it hurts. Just a little. No one was inside my head when I fell in love with the Frenchman. That was the most exhilarating and heartbreaking feeling I have ever experienced. No one knew what I was going through when I was falling in love with someone who was going to leave me.

Think is on point: I have resting bitch face. Fact. My face just “settles” when I’m bored or not thinking about anything and it makes me look like a bitch. Whoops. I’m also fairly independent and it takes a very special someone to break down the ‘walls’ that I have up.


Can’t stand: Fish. It just tastes like ocean. Believe me, ocean is a real taste. Imagine mixing salt with a fish that had been living in a sweaty boot and that’s the taste that pops into my head every time I try anything from the ocean (except for salt n’ pepper squid – that is amazing).


Can’t get enough of: I absolutely love these weird apricot and yoghurt bite things that you find in the bulk section of the supermarket. They’re probably really bad for you, but I don’t care. I also love the taste of iced animal biscuits. I came home for my birthday and I had tonnes of iced animal biscuits strung up all over my room. I was in heaven.


Turn off immediately: “Shut Up and Let Me Go” by The Ting Tings. Sorry, but no. I cannot deal with that song.

Belt out the lyrics to: Anything by Broods. I have been playing their album on repeat in my car and I’m a little bit obsessed.


Fear: Seagulls. Always seagulls. If you follow me on Twitter then you will see a rant or two about them.


Need in your life right this instant: A puppy. I feel like a puppy would make my life a lot better (and crazier). It will also fill that child-shaped hole I have in my life. Kidding. I am more than a little obsessed with puppies at the moment. I actually did a quiz and it said that (almost) any gun dog would be a perfect match for me. One that was an almost match was a Welsh Springer Spaniel, which was the dog that we had three years ago. Coincidence? I think not.


Will never ever eat: Fish eyes. I have seen way too many people do this and it freaks me out. No deal. You can count me out of that one.

Would eat for every meal if you were given the chance: Pizza. Sushi. Iced animal biscuits. Ginger kisses. Pizza. Probably a weird combination of all those foods.


Would love to, but would probably never resort to: I agree with Erin when I say “Getting a boob job”. I have seriously thought about it more than once. I could wear so many clothes that fit me properly aka it clings around my boobs like it’s supposed to and I actually have cleavage. JUST ONE TIME. I actually want to feel like a female. Please. Ha.

Just stick to: Always, always, always moisturise and put on a quick layer of mascara. That always works a treat.


14 thoughts on “The Non-Blogmopolitan Quiz!

  1. Loved reading this! And glad I’m not the only who realizes I suffer from resting bitch face. Almost everyone I know has commented on it at some point in time. Definitely gives people the wrong idea, but there are those times when it’s incredibly useful.

    I’m going to have to ponder this and I might steal this and post it myself!02


    1. Haha oh yes, I definitely have resting bitch face! The only benefit I have found is that I have an incredibly good poker face when I need it.

      You should definitely steal it! Make sure you link back to me so I can read your answers as well!


  2. I have resting bitchface too. :[ It amplifies when I’m concentrating on something!
    Sushi would definitely be my go-to for foods I could eat for the rest of my life. I wish it wasn’t so expensive!

    That’s definitely an awesome compliment! :] Although I’m appreciative of compliments on my looks, my favorites are definitely when patients tell me that I’m really nice/compassionate and that I’ll make an amazing doctor someday. ❤


    1. Glad I’m not the only one! Haha. Yes! I agree. It definitely becomes more pronounced when I’m really focussing on something or when I’m trying to have my ‘poker face’ all sussed. Sushi is amazing and I think they keep putting prices up because they KNOW that we’ll buy it, no matter what the price is. Haha.

      When your patients tell you that then you have to know that you’re doing something right! That is so amazing! I’m sure you will as well 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I too have resting bitch face. Maybe not so much bitch face, but sad mopey face. I’ll be staring into space thinking about something and I’ll be told to cheer up. I’ve also had those backhanded kind of compliments “Oh wow, you actually managed to do this? Good job..” – thanks guys. -.-


  4. This is such a fun quiz! I’m with you on needing a puppy in my life this instant. That would make me so happy! A boob job is something that definitely crosses my mind every now and then, so I’m glad I’m not the only one!


    1. A puppy would bring so much happiness (and destruction) to my life! Ha. We have an eight year old dog and I keep telling my mother that she needs a friend to “keep her young” 😉 I don’t know if it’s working or not though haha. Fingers crossed! Yessss. At times I love my boobs (or lack thereof) and other days (like when I’m bra shopping) I’m just like “dang it”. Love-hate situation at the moment! Haha.


  5. This is so fun! I loved all of your answers. And yeah, I would never ever eat fish eyes. And I always think a boob job would come in handy around 45 years old…but I don’t even like the idea of getting a flu shot…so NO! haha


    1. Thank you! I don’t know how people eat them! I gag just thinking about it. Ewwwww. I think that is next level disgusting if you ask me. Honestly, if I was to get a boob job it would probably be within the next six years haha I’m not gonna wait until the train goes completely off the tracks to fix it! Haha. We’ll see if I really get that desperate though 😉


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