Taking Stock #028


Making :: I’m starting to plan my goals for this week/the month of February! I joined the Weekly Wishes link up in January and I’m determined to make this a regular thing!

Drinking :: Coffee. Duh. I think I just need to keep a standard: “I will be drinking coffee forever and always. If I am blogging then I am definitely drinking coffee.”

Reading :: I’m actually deciding on what I’ll read for this month. I really need to get onto using my e-reader more often, so I’m looking for any book suggestions! I’m thinking of reading Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult this month because she is a literary goddess.

Eating :: My parents got given this gift basket and I have been slowly working my way through the whole thing. I just discovered the best caramel/toffee bites that have a chocolate centre. I’m in love.

Wishing :: That said gift basket didn’t have so many amazing things. This is not helping my “get healthy” thing that I’m trying. Ha. Oh well. You win some and you lose some, right?

Enjoying :: Finishing work early (again). I swear some form of black magic is at work here. I’m not complaining. The beaches are dead quiet at the moment aka no half-naked tattooed males are running around. Boo. They were the ‘scenery’ that I used to enjoy so much. Come baaaaaaack. Please?

Waiting :: I’m waiting until the end of the week. I finally found out that my contract is up after the long weekend. I have grand plans that will start in the next week or so.

Wondering :: How much money I can get from StudyLink. I’m 99% sure that this is the thought that goes through every students mind as they’re applying for allowances. If you’re unlucky like me, then you’ll probably miss out on your first ten (ish) payments. Don’t panic! You get back paid which means a mega payout when they finally sort out your application 😉

Hoping :: That I can keep my feelings/hormones/body back under control. I can’t go into details but wow, things are crazzzzyyyy over here and no, I’m not pregnant.

Wearing :: My work uniform. It is so sexy, as you guys can see from this post.

Trying :: It seems like I’m forever trying to find my motivation to go for a run, but it is the sad truth. I was planning on walking the dog tonight, but that plan went out the window when a group of angry seagulls decided to dive-bomb my car. No deal.

Feeling :: Like pouring melted chocolate into a bathtub and swimming around in it. Remember: I never said that I was ‘normal’ 😉


2 thoughts on “Taking Stock #028

  1. I haven’t read lone wolf but I am currently reading leaving time by Jodi. I love her! She’s my favorite author. I do have a blog post that I posted today of books I read in January! Check it out if you’d like 😊😊


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